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Grass Replacement Incentive Program (GRIP)


Fall Cohort

Spring Cohort

Application Submission Period

Sept. 1 to Nov. 1, 2022

March 1 to July 31, 2023

Install Deadline

July 31, 2023

Oct. 15, 2023

Following the 2022 rebate season, residents must participate in the cohort model program to receive a rebate. 

Aurora Water incentivizes the conversion of water-guzzling turf lawns to water-wise landscapes through our Grass Replacement Incentive Program (GRIP,) formally known as the Water-Wise Landscape Rebate. Water-wise landscapes are attractive, lower maintenance yards that save water, provide wildlife habitat, and withstand drought.

Whether you choose a colorful plant-based landscape or water-wise or native grass, you’ll conserve water and save money on your water bill by switching to a water-wise landscape through GRIP.

GRIP Basic Rules:

  • Aurora Water must approve all projects before installation. Rebates are not retroactive.
  • Areas to be converted must have existing grass. Yards that contain barren soil or significant bare patches of soil and weeds do not qualify.
  • Residential projects must be front yards that are readily visible to the public.
  • A 500-square-foot minimum size applies to all projects unless it is for the entire front yard or curbside area (the grass between the sidewalk and the street).
  • A phasing option is available.
  • The rebate is up to $4,000 max paid out over two years. Please see the GRIP manual for rebate coverage details.
  • Artificial grass does not qualify for a rebate.
  • Before completing the application, read the Grass Replacement Incentive Program (GRIP) Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a rebate for installing artificial turf? 

No, artificial turf doesn't count for the rebate. You may still install artificial turf per the city code, but you will not be eligible for the rebate. The program promotes an attractive, lower-maintenance landscape that will withstand drought and save water.

Can I still get a rebate if I already installed a water-wise landscape?

No, rebates are not retroactive for projects completed outside the program season. Residents must participate in a cohort in order to get a rebate. Projects must be approved before installation to ensure they are installed correctly per city code. Your project must be started and completed during the 2023 program year. The Grass Replacement Incentive Program rebates are intended for customers who currently have grass front and side yards visible to the public and wish the replace them with water-wise landscaping. They are not retroactive or intended for projects already completed outside the program.

Why are there specific plant coverage and hardscape requirements?

In line with city code, we want to ensure your landscape is aesthetically pleasing throughout the year while using less water than traditional Kentucky bluegrass. For more info on these requirements, check out our program manual.

Why is Aurora Water using the cohort model?

The cohort model will help facilitate more landscape projects from start to finish, ensuring people receive the education and knowledge needed to successfully install their water-wise landscape by the deadline.

Do I need a contractor to install my landscape?

No, you can do your project yourself or hire a contractor. We have plenty of resources to help with your DIY landscape, to find them head over to our education page

What is the process to submit a landscape design?

If you hire a contractor, they can design your landscape, you can do it yourself or, if you are a single-family homeowner, you can participate in our free landscape design program. Our conservation staff will design a professional landscape that is aesthetically pleasing and meets city code.

Landscape Manuals

If you are a large property customer  commercial, multifamily, industrial or institutional  contact Water Conservation staff at 303.739.7195 or [email protected] to discuss the project scope.  

To learn more about installing a water-wise landscape, go to our education page.
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