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Traffic Signals & Signs

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Operation with Crane

Traffic Operations

The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of all traffic control devices within the city of Aurora. Examples of the services provided by this group are traffic signal modifications, preventive maintenance, emergency response, customer service requests, traffic utility locates and system communications.

Traffic control signs and pavement truck

The Signs and Markings section of the Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of traffic control signs and pavement markings throughout the city.

Traffic control signs are erected along roadways to provide guidance or convey warning and regulatory information to motorists and pedestrians. Examples of these signs are street name signs, speed limit signs, stop and yield signs, and warning signs.

Pavement markings consist of yellow and white markings placed on paved road surfaces for the purpose of channelizing the flow of vehicular traffic and provide safe areas for pedestrians to cross roadways. Examples of these markings are solid or dashed yellow and white lines, turn arrows and crosswalks.

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to report a problem regarding traffic operations with the city of Aurora, contact the Public Works Department at 303.326.8200.

Smart City Technologies

The city continues to deploy "smart city" technologies and make plans for future enhancements to improve traffic operations. Using data to make city operations and services more efficient is key to becoming a "smart city."

Projects in Progress

Traffic Signal System: Grant-funded upgrade and replacement of traffic signal system (estimated completion end of 2023) will allow staff to monitor traffic and make changes to signal timing remotely, and alert staff to issues for proactive traffic management.
Connected Vehicles: A city agreement with Oregon-based Traffic Technology Services Inc. to share signal data is increasing safety and efficiency for drivers by connecting vehicles to traffic signals and other roadway infrastructure.
Detection Cameras: Seventy upgraded traffic signals (most of which were grant funded) include new devices that detect vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, collecting count data and performance metrics and controlling the traffic signals. The detection is web-based and monitored remotely by staff.
Traffic Signal Controllers: A grant will fund the replacement of 175 traffic signal controllers (the computers that control each signal) with an advanced version to support future technology (installation in 2023-24).
Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras: Installation is underway in a phased approach citywide on 52 grant-funded CCTV cameras, which allow staff to monitor traffic remotely. The grant also funded an upgrade for the city's video management software.

Future Projects

Traffic Management Center: Included in the city's Capital Improvements Master Plan, the city needs a dedicated traffic management center to centralize traffic data, monitoring and operations at a single location. This facility would enable real-time adjustments and continuous maintenance and improvement of safety and mobility on city roads. Partial funding is included in the city's 2023 adopted budget.
Fiber/Communications: A recently completed citywide fiber optic master plan includes recommendations for the installation of fiber optic communications in a phased approach. Fiber optic communications are needed to support the city's many devices out in the field and bring back data to a central location. The city is pursuing partnership opportunities with other agencies and grants to install fiber.

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