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Lead Line Replacement Program

Lead is a metal that even at low levels, has the potential to cause a wide range of health effects, particularly in pregnant women and children six years old and under. The primary source of lead exposure for most children is lead-based paint but lead in drinking water can add to that exposure.

How can lead get into the drinking water?

Water from our reservoirs flows into the treatment plant through a series of pipes before it arrives at your home. Aurora’s water supply is lead-free, but certain water service lines can be made of lead or contain lead.

Where can lead come from if lead isn’t in the water in the city’s pipes? 

Water service lines may be made of lead pipe. They can be from the mainline to the meter and/or from the meter to the house. Under the right conditions, lead can leach from service lines into the water.
Service line graphic

How do I know if I have a lead service line?

Lead lines are primarily in homes built prior to 1954 which include some homes and businesses in northwest Aurora. If you live in this area or your residence was built prior to 1954, we may need to pothole on your property to verify if you have a lead service line. Contact Aurora Water at [email protected] or 720.859.4411 for information regarding this process.

If I have lead pipes, does that mean I have lead in my water? 

Through treatment system best management practices, a protective film develops over the lead and other materials in the pipe. This film helps prevent lead from leaching into the water. Changes to the chemical makeup of water can cause this film to break down. As long as this film is intact, houses with lead service lines pose less risk for lead in their water.

Aurora Water is diligent in ensuring that the great water we deliver to you is carefully monitored at all points throughout the system so this doesn’t happen.

What if I have a lead service line? 

If the service line material on the customer side is unknown, Aurora Water will request authorization from the homeowner to conduct potholing on their property. If the service line is lead or galvanized, we will place the customer on a list to have the service line from the meter to the house or business replaced. 
Aurora Water pays for the replacement of the service line and ensures the landscape is left as it was before the work was done.
•An employee will then drop off a pitcher and filter to be used for three months.
•Aurora Water will coordinate with the customer to collect water samples three months after replacing the lead line.

What if the city has a lead service line?

Suppose the city replaces a lead service line on our side of the meter. In that case, the customer is notified in person by an Aurora Water employee (who will always have identification confirming they are with Aurora Water) or by phone.
Aurora Water must flush the water system from inside the home or business. This usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.
If we cannot contact the customer, a notification will be placed on the door informing the customer that the water will remain off until we flush the water system. Upon completion of flushing, the customer will be given a water pitcher and filter for drinking water and cooking. See additional information about the filter in the next tab.

Are water filters effective against lead?

The EPA determined that filters effectively reduce lead in drinking water when installed, maintained and used correctly. However, these filters must be used properly. The filters provided by Aurora Water are rated to remove lead when following the manufacturer’s directions that are included with the filters. Please note that filters also remove chlorine, so you no longer have protection from bacteria. Be sure to keep any storage containers clean.

Use only cold water for drinking, cooking and especially for making baby formula. Hot water is likely to contain higher levels of lead. Boiling water does not remove lead and can increase the concentration as the water evaporates.

Aurora Water is in the process of identifying and removing lead service lines. If you believe you have a lead line, contact us at 720.859.4411 or [email protected].

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