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Development Assistance

Office of Development Assistance

Office of Development Assistance

15151 E. Alameda Parkway, Suite 5200
Aurora, CO 80012
[email protected]

Cesarina Dancy, Acting Manager
Brit Vigil, Project Manager
Justin Andrews, Project Manager
Jazmine Marte, Project Manager
Lorianne Thennes, Project Manager 
Megan Weikle, Project Coordinator

The Office of Development Assistance (ODA) is a division within the City Manager's Office, and offers assistance explaining and facilitating the city's development process.

Pre-application Meetings

ODA offers a pre-application meeting to introduce someone interested in proceeding with a development project on a specific site to the city of Aurora development process. The pre-application meeting is designed to help landowners, developers and their consultants understand the city of Aurora submittal requirements to obtain development approval and building permits.


Annexation is the process to incorporate land into the city limits. ODA coordinates the city review of annexation requests and negotiation of the annexation agreement between the landowner and the city of Aurora.

To begin the annexation process, contact ODA to schedule an appointment with a Project Manager.

Title 32 Metropolitan Districts

The city supports creation of Title 32 Metropolitan Districts (metro districts) by private developers in order to provide a mechanism to finance infrastructure costs for master planned developments. View a map of metro districts in Aurora.

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