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Flag Notification

American Flag

Flags in front of the Aurora Municipal Center

Flying the United States flag at half-staff

There are four designated days each year that the United States flag is flown at half-staff in accordance with federal laws:

The president of the United States has the authority to order the flags flown at half-staff for occasions such as the death of public officials or world leaders, on the birthday or anniversary of the death of a public official or following a national tragedy, such as 9/11. The president's orders may state that flags are to be flown half-staff at all public buildings, or only at federal and state buildings.

  • Peace Officer Memorial Day - May 15 (unless it falls on Armed Forces Memorial Day, the third Saturday in May, then it will fly at full-staff)

  • Memorial Day - last Monday in May (at half-staff until noon and then raised to full-staff)

  • National Day of Service and Remembrance (formerly Patriot Day) - Sept. 11

  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - Dec. 7

The governor of the state of Colorado has the authority to order the United States flag and the Colorado state flag lowered to half-staff at federal and state buildings in Colorado for the occasions outlined below. His orders do not include municipal, county or other public buildings.

In response to a specific incident, such as a statewide or national tragedy. Upon the death of any present or former official of state government, or in honor of a law enforcement officer or firefighter who dies in the line of duty. To honor military personnel from Colorado who have fallen during service to their country.

Flying the POW/MIA flag

The POW/MIA flag will be flown at full-staff beneath the United States flag on the following days, except at the Aurora Municipal Center, where it will be flown every day:

  • Armed Forces Day - third Saturday in May

  • Memorial Day - last Monday in May

    (flown at full staff beginning at noon, since the United States flag is at half-staff before noon)
  • Flag Day - June 14

  • Independence Day - July 4

  • National POW/MIA Recognition Day - third Friday in September

  • Veterans Day - Nov. 11

The city of Aurora adheres to federal law and flag protocol to guide how flags are flown at city facilities. The city of Aurora has policies in place outlining adherence to federal law and flag protocol, proclamations by the president, governor or mayor, and to address incidents related specifically to Aurora.

If you have questions regarding flag protocol or the flying of flags at city facilities please contact Access Aurora at 303.739.7000 or email [email protected].

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