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Comcast/Xfinity Cable Issues

15151 E. Alameda Parkway, First Floor - Aurora, CO 80012
303.739.6605 - [email protected]

The Office of Cable and Television Services for the city of Aurora can help you resolve dispute regarding your Comcast cable television service in Aurora, but only after you have contacted Comcast and haven't been satisfied with the result. Please follow these steps:

  1. Contact Comcast at 303.930.2000

  2. If there are still unresolved issues about your cable television complaint, use our Contact Us form and select "Cable TV Complaint" to provide our office with information we can use to help resolve this issue.

  3. On the form, utilize the "Problem Details" area to provide details of your issue. If possible, try to include names for people you spoke with and the dates you made contact.

  4. The Office of Cable and Television Services will respond to you within three business days of receipt of your complaint. This allows us time to contact the Government Liaison for Comcast.

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