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Fees, Discounts & Information

Dynamic Pricing:

Aurora Golf utilizes dynamic pricing to some degree. When dynamic pricing is activated, the actual fee is based on demand and other factors. Booking online allows you to see the actual fee associated with each tee time.

Weekend/Holiday 18 Hole Play:
Until noon on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only 18-hole tee times are allowed off the 1st tee for 18-hole play. Please note, 9-hole play is usually available off the back 9 early morning during these times. All other time frames allow 9 and 18-hole bookings. 

Replay Rate:
Players who complete 18 holes and wish to book another full round (18 holes) to complete that same day will be charged at the 9-hole rate (for both green fee and cart rental) upon presentation of their receipt. Players coming from another City of Aurora course may also receive this discount if they can provide a receipt showing that they played earlier in the day. Play for all replay rounds is on a space available basis. Advance reservations for replay round the same day are not allowed! 

Range Token Exchange Program: 
Our golf shops now accept range tokens from any of our five Aurora courses. Simply ask the golf shop staff to exchange the token you have for one that works for their range machine. Since all five courses use different tokens, we're making it easier for you to practice at whichever Aurora course you're visiting.  Please note that Murphy Creek uses a code system. You can take a token to Murphy Creek and exchange it for a code but you are not able to take a code from Murphy Creek to any of the other courses. 

Weekly Closure of Our Driving Ranges:
During the season, every week we close the golf course driving ranges so we can pick them clean and allow the maintenance crews to mow. Typically, they close in the afternoon to pick the range and then are mowed early the next morning. Here are the schedules for each of our golf courses. Thank you for your patience. 

Aurora Hills

Please note, the driving range closes Monday evenings (times seasonal) and re-opens on Tuesday morning. This is so we can pick them clean and allow the maintenance crews to mow. It is also closed for about an hour early every Friday morning to mow the range tee. 

Meadow Hills

Closed Wednesday morning and are usually opened by 8 a.m. In the spring and fall, we close Tuesday afternoon to clean pick and mow and re-opens Wednesday morning.

Murphy Creek

Closed Monday afternoon at 4 p.m. and reopens Tuesday morning about 10 a.m.

Saddle Rock

Range closes early on Sundays with last token sold at 1:30 p.m. 


Closed Monday afternoon at 4 p.m. and reopens Tuesday morning after mowing is complete. (usually by 8 a.m.)

Annual Golf Memberships at Springhill:
With a purchase of an annual recreation center pass, add-on this great golf annual pass.

Age Restrictions: 
Junior players 10 and under are allowed to play at the discretion of the golf staff. The golf staff will make their decision based on how busy the course is and the perceived ability of the junior to play without unduly impeding play. We recommend you contact the golf course prior to making plans to play with juniors in this age group.

At all courses, the adults accompanying junior players 10 & under are responsible for maintaining a good pace of play by maintaining position with the group ahead. Suggestions for juniors to speed up play include teeing off from the 150 or 200 yard marker to shorten the hole. Depending on the par of the hole, after hitting 4-5 shots, they can place the ball on the green and putt out.

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