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Code Enforcement

To report a code violation, please call 303.739.7000 or make a report online.

The city of Aurora has a commitment to provide safe living conditions for all its residents. It takes a cooperative effort of investors, owners, tenants and the city to achieve a successful property maintenance program.

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The Neighborhood Support Division serves the city of Aurora through the administration and enforcement of the Aurora Municipal Code of Ordinances in addition to the International Codes adopted for Fire, Zoning, Building, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical requirements. Neighborhood Support Staff helps to promote self-reliance towards a positive physical image of the city and works hard to find ways to get residents to work together so everyone can be a part of the solution.

The purpose of Code Enforcement is to enhance the community and uphold property values by enforcing minimum maintenance requirements of residential and business property. Certified Code Enforcement Officers respond to complaints and patrol their assigned areas proactively to identify code violations. (View a map of the assigned areas.) When a violation is found, property owners and/or occupants are then given a specified time to correct the violation. Failure to comply with a Notice of Violation may result in property abatement and/or receiving a summons to appear in court.


Code Enforcement Priorities

Code Enforcement prioritizes its response to complaints to try to meet the needs of the community with available resources. Code Enforcement strives to respond to address private property violations with an initial inspection within 48 hours from receiving the case request. Cases that pose imminent health and safety hazards or constitute significant code violations are given the highest priority, since they have the highest potential result in significant harm to the community. For more details on how cases are prioritized, refer to this chart.

Additional Code Information

Solid Waste Ordinance Update

On February 28, 2022, City Council approved a modification to the Solid Waste Ordinance, Chapter 114 27 Accumulation/storage. Two changes which were approved were trash container placement and updating the Department name to Housing and Community Services. Effective April 3, 2022, trash containers will need to be stored behind the front line of the principal and within 12 inches of the side of the principal building and will be enforced as such.

All garbage, rubbish and debris shall be stored by the owner or occupant of all premises in an approved sealed garbage, rubbish or debris container. Garbage, rubbish or debris containers shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times by the owner or occupant using the same. Outdoor storage of plastic bags is prohibited except for the deposit of the plastic bags on the right-of-way abutting any public street, alley or within any front yard or within any side yard on a corner lot abutting any public street on the day of scheduled collection. Paper bags, unless baled from a mechanical compactor, are expressly prohibited except on the day of scheduled collection. All trash containers shall be behind the front line of the principal building and within 12 inches of the of the principal building. The storage area shall be kept free of loose garbage, rubbish or debris. Trash containers/dumpsters in commercial districts shall be screened by a dumpster enclosure or as stipulated on a site plan. Waivers may be granted by the director of housing and community services when placement behind the front line of the principal building of the house or a dumpster enclosure at a commercial property would create an unreasonable hardship.

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