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Request a Proclamation


A proclamation is a document signed by the Mayor that proclaims a special event or the recognition of a person or group, usually for a specific time period (for example Aurora Arbor Week or Women's History Month). A proclamation must relate to the city of Aurora, or to an organization within the city, or to a statewide or national issue affecting Aurora, and must be in the general interest of our citizens. Requests for proclamations are generally received from clubs, organizations, nonprofit groups and individuals.

Only one proclamation per year will be issued per subject matter.

Proclamations that relate to a profit-making venture or are of a political nature will not be approved.

Proclamations can be submitted to the Mayor's office by mail, by fax or via the form below. A Request for Proclamation form must be completed for each proclamation. All requests for proclamations must be received at least four weeks in advance of the date of acknowledgement. Any requests received fewer than four weeks in advance may not be fulfilled. Approval of request for proclamations is not automatic. The Mayor reserves the right to decide which proclamations to issue and how proclamations are presented.

Once the request is submitted you should receive an email or call from staff to confirm the details of your request.  If you do not receive this email or call, please contact the Mayor/City Council Office. 

Questions? Contact the Mayor/City Council Office at 303.739.7015, 303.739.7594 (fax), or 15151 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora, CO 80012.

Request a Proclamation

Allow a window of four weeks for the approval and processing of a proclamation.

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Proclamation Title (required)For example, "Extra Mile Day"

Who will present the proclamation? (required)For example, your organization or a city official

Who will receive the proclamation? (required)For example, the name of a person or a group

What date is to be printed on the proclamation? (required)* For example, "National Chef's Day, Nov. 1, 2014"

How will the proclamation be received? (required)Please select only one line below

Presented at a specific event (provide name, date and location)

Presented at a taping by AuroraTV Channel 8 in the Aurora Municipal Center Lobby (tapings are scheduled for the first Monday of the month from 4 to 5 p.m.; please provide suggested dates) 

Sent to you by email (provide email if different from above) 

Sent to you by U.S. Mail (provide name, address and ZIP if different from above) 

Picked up in person from the Mayor/City Council Office (provide name and pick-up date) 

Proclamation Text (required)*
A proclamation contains "WHEREAS" statements (a limit of five), followed by a "NOW THEREFORE" statement and an "IN WITNESS WHEREOF" statement. Please print your draft proclamation below, and bear in mind that the entire document (letterhead, statements, seal, ribbon and mayor's signature) must fit on one 8 1/2" x 11" page and the font can be no smaller than Times New Roman, 11 point. Text may be edited at the discretion of the Mayor/City Council Office.

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