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Running For Office

Upcoming Election Date:  November 4, 2025
Offices for Election: 
Ward I, Ward II, Ward III, and (2) At-large

Aurora's elections are non-partisan, where elected officials are elected to office without consideration of political party. The mayor and council members serve staggered four-year terms. The terms begin at the commencement of the first regular council meeting in December after the election for the specific office. Elections for municipal office are held on the first Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years.

City Council consists of eleven (11) members:

  • Mayor: One (1) mayor who represents the entire city
  • At-large Council Members: Four (4) members who represent the entire city
  • Ward Council Members: Six (6) members who represent a specific ward

Qualifications for Municipal Office

People wishing to serve as an Aurora elected official must meet the following requirements outlined in the City Charter:

  • Registered elector

  • Citizen of the United States

  • 21 years of age

  • Resident of Aurora for at least one year preceding the date of the election

  • If elected from a ward, a one-year resident and registered elector of that ward

A person who has been convicted of embezzlement of public money, bribery, perjury, solicitation of bribery or subornation of perjury is not eligible to become a candidate or hold elective office. No councilmember shall hold any other elective public office or be a salaried employee of the City of Aurora.

What ward do you reside in?  City of Aurora Ward Map
Which county do you reside in?  City of Aurora Political Districts Map 

Nomination Petitions

Candidates for office are nominated by petition sections supplied by the City Clerk. Candidates become certified after their petition sections are approved. The City Clerk's Office will announce when the nomination petition sections may be picked up and when they must be filed. 

Nomination Petition Guide

Nomination petitions require a certain number of signatures depending on the office being sought:

  • Mayor and At-Large Council Members: A minimum of one hundred (100) valid signatures of registered electors residing anywhere within the city of Aurora. A registered elector may sign no more than ONE candidate petition for the office of mayor, and no more than TWO at-large candidate petitions.
  • City Council Ward Requirements - A minimum of fifty (50) valid signatures of registered electors residing within their ward. A registered elector may sign only ONE ward candidate petition.

Political Signs & Advertisements

Signs are regulated in a content-neutral manner to be consistent with the U.S. and Colorado Constitution, laws, and court decisions. Please examine Chapter 146-4 of the Unified Development Ordinance to make sure your signs are in compliance
with the provisions of the UDO.

Section 54-104.5 of the City Code outlines the provisions for disclaimers for political advertisements.

Electioneering is prohibited from taking place inside a polling location, within 100 feet of any building in which a polling location is located, and within 100 feet of a drop-box, pursuant to C.R.S. Section 1-13-714. Any political signs in violation of this state statute will be removed.

Campaign Finance Reporting

Candidates are required to understand and comply with the campaign finance regulations adopted by City Council.  Refer to the Campaign Finance portion of the website for additional information and to report your campaign finances.

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