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Aurora Water Design Standards, Specifications and Fees

Water and Sewer 2023 Fees Adjustments

Effective January 1, 2023, the Aurora Water Department will be implementing changes to the water and sanitary sewer connection fee as charged by the Department per the City of Aurora Development and Connection Fee Schedule for all meter sizes serving indoor uses for single family detached, attached, multi-family and commercial water service connections. For 2023, the schedule does include a fee differential between recoverable and non-recoverable use for commercial meters equal to 1-1/2 or greater.  Fees paid after December 31, 2022 will be subject to the new connection fee schedule.  Note that some classifications are subject to a decrease in charges.

2023 Tap Fee Schedule Update letter to Developers, Builders, Engineers and Contractors

The fee schedule can be viewed below.

Fire flow modeling, utility maps and meter sizing questions, contact [email protected] or 303.739.7370

2023 Water Development Fees
     2022 Water Development Fees

Design Standards and Specifications

Effective January 1, 2020, the Aurora Water implemented a revised edition to the standards and specifications manual. This document provides construction and acceptance standards for public and private water, sanitary sewer and storm drainage infrastructure.

Notable revisions to the specifications include:

  • Requirements to ensure underground infrastructure is electronically locatable such as marker systems for non-metallic piping and required clean-outs on all new and repaired sanitary sewer service laterals.
  • Requirements to conduct and provide pre-design potholing to confirm elevations where proposed utility construction will cross existing infrastructure and/or connect to existing utility infrastructure for all new civil plan submittals.
  • Requirements to provide As-Built Record Drawings prior to initial acceptance.
  • Requirements to provide a layer of coarse aggregate prior to the placement of pre-cast concrete structures.

This specification will also include mandated items that are currently a requirement for current civil plan drawing sets submitted to the City of Aurora.

These include:

  • Requirements to provide backflow prevention devices for water service connections serving all non-single family residential uses including fire suppression systems, commercial, and multi-family users. This includes master metered single family attached units which are considered a multi-family user.

  • Requirements for the submission of CAD files prior to the approval of civil plan submittals.

  • Requirements to provide composite lids for all new water meter pits prior to the meter set request.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated, please refer all questions to [email protected].

Aurora Water Design Standards and Specifications

Private Stormwater Ponds - Maintenance Guide
Domestic Service Allocation Agreement Form
Irrigation Allocation Agreement Form
Meter Pit Lid - Approved Materials Modification Effective 9/27/21
Stormwater and Wastewater Lift Station Design and Engineering Guidelines NEW Oct. 17, 2022

2022 Water, Sewer, and Storm Drainage Standards


As-Built Drawings Submittals Minimum Requirements Check-list
As-Built drawings are required at initial acceptance for public and private utility infrastructure installation. Review and approval by the Aurora Water department is required for initial acceptance.

As-Built Submittal Checklist

Civil Plan Review Checklist

Civil (Utility) Pre-Acceptance Review Checklist

Drainage Criteria Manual

The Drainage Criteria Manual focuses on drainage criteria and submittal requirements for master, preliminary and final drainage studies. There are also sections that discuss water quality, as well as erosion and sediment control. This manual is used in planning and design stages because most development requires that resultant drainage is considered part of the planning and design. 

Drainage Report Review Checklists
Preliminary Drainage Report (PDR) Review Checklist
Master Drainage Report (MDR) Review Checklist
Stormwater Conveyance - Notification of Adjacent Property Owners

Pond Certificate Requirements for Engineers

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