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Public Safety


In an emergency, call 911
For non-emergency dispatch, call 303.627.3100

Safety is a top priority of the Aurora City Council. The city of Aurora public safety departments continue to develop neighborhood and community relationships to proactively address safety issues while exploring regional approaches and partnerships. Each area provides quality customer service and responsiveness to citizens.



Aurora911 is staffed by public safety professionals who are trained to answer and triage 911 and non-emergency telephone calls, as well as dispatch police, fire, paramedic, and alternative response resources. The center operates 24 hours a day, seven days per week, answers more than 600,000 telephone calls, and dispatches more than 350,000 incidents annually.

Aurora Police Department

The Aurora Police Department offers the residents of Aurora a state-of-the-art prevention, intervention and suppression efforts to prevent and reduce crime. All Aurora police officers understand they are an integral part of the community and that everything they do is for the community they serve.

Aurora Fire Rescue

An ISO Class 1 Agency and Accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International, Aurora Fire Rescue offers exceptional service to the community provided by well-trained professionals. The department responds to approximately 50,000 total incidents annually, 800 fires (to include structure, brush, and vehicle fires) and 33,000 Emergency Medical Calls (EMS).

Public Reports & Crime Data

The Aurora Police Department generates a monthly statistics report that goes over major crimes for the entire city, as well as crimes broken down by District. The report discusses traffic crashes, tickets written, and arrests made. Crime data is typically published quarterly and at the end of the year. If you ever have questions about crime happening in your neighborhood, please reach out to your police area representative (PAR) officer. 

Crime Prevention

Crime can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Many crimes can be prevented. The Aurora Police Department would like to remind members of the community that taking some simple steps can minimize their potential for becoming a victim.

Office of Emergency Management

A division of Aurora Fire Rescue, the Office of Emergency Management strives to minimize death, injury and property losses while maintaining city governmental operations in the event of severe weather, terrorism events, and other natural or man-made disasters. 

Municipal Courts and Detention

The Municipal Courts maintain an unbiased, independent court system that provides due process for all parties by maintaining a highly skilled judiciary and staff, and creating educational community programs and sentences to influence the behavior of individuals in a positive manner. The Detention Center operates under strict rules of conduct and maintains the security and well-being of prisoners within their charge.

Traffic Safety

Our citizens often have inquiries regarding traffic control devices such as signs, traffic signals, roundabouts, crosswalks, and pavement markings. The Traffic Operations Division is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of all traffic control devices. The Traffic Section of the Aurora Police Department is composed of a DUI Enforcement Unit, a Hit and Run Investigations Unit, Daytime and Nighttime Crash Investigation Cars, a Motor Carrier Safety Unit, and the Motorcycle Enforcement Team (MET).

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