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Burning Restrictions

Stage 1 Ban image

City of Aurora is Currently Under a Stage 1 Fire Restriction

The Stage 1 Burn Restriction bans the use of recreational fireworks. Devices requiring ignition, such as sparklers, snakes, aerials, comets, flares, flyers, fountains, missiles, mortars, spinners, punks, rockets, shells, etc. The ban does not include other permissible fires. Items like gas grills, charcoal grills, and other legal fire pits remain legal to use in a responsible manner. 

The city of Aurora is always under a Stage 1 Burn Restriction with the exception of June 15th-July 4th when certain types of fireworks are allowed. See Fireworks Info. The city's fire chief has the right to ban the sale, use, possession or discharge of fireworks as conditions dictate.





A burning log in a fire pit

Burn Restriction Stages in Aurora
Criteria used to determine when these restrictions are initiated include: weather, fuel moistures, local and regional fire activity and national preparedness levels (which influences firefighting resource availability). When predetermined criteria are met, the appropriate restriction is implemented. Immediate public notifications are made to the media through press releases and additional communication channels citywide.

Stage 1 Burn Restriction

The first stage occurs when there is an increasing fire danger and/or an increasing preparedness level, and the positive aspects of allowing the use of legal fireworks begin to be outweighed by the risks in allowing the use of legal fireworks. Stage 1 imposes restrictions aimed at preventing the start of structural or wildland fires based on the usage of all fireworks. A Stage 1 Restriction affects the following:
Recreational fireworks / devices requiring ignition, such as sparklers, snakes, aerials, comets, flares, flyers, fountains, missiles, mortars, spinners, punks, rockets, shells, etc.

Stage 2 Burn Restriction
As the risks increase, the Fire Chief may choose to implement a Stage 2 burn restriction. This stage intensifies the restrictions from Stage 1 by focusing on activities that typically are managed under permitting or a contractual agreement. The activities listed below are considered high risk related to fire causation. The following are restricted under Stage 2:
Recreational fires;
Open or prescribed burns;
Small internal combustion engines operated without a properly installed, maintained, and functioning spark arrestor;
Model Rockets.

Stage 3 Burn Restriction
This stage is selected when there are very high risks and the ability to manage those risks using Stage 1 or 2 restrictions are no longer appropriate. The social, economic, and political impacts of implementing a Stage 3 are outweighed by the potential for human-caused fires, which can increase vulnerabilities to the community. The following items are restricted under Stage 3:
Select pyrotechnic or commercial activities;
Portable or fixed fireplaces, and fire appliances, intended for outdoor use;
Cooking devices, intended for outdoor use, fueled by solid materials (wood, pellets, or charcoal) and/or liquid propane gas (LPG), natural gas or liquid fuel, in city parks and open spaces.
All other activities described in Stage 1 and Stage 2 burn restriction criteria.

Questions? Please contact a fire life safety specialist at 303.326.8999.

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