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Iliff Station - "On the Move 1" & "On the Move 2"

“On the Move 1” & “On the Move 2” 2017
Media:   Dichroic glass, Aluminum, Anodized aluminum and LED lighting
Artist: Gordon Huether  
Location: Iliff Station  E. Iliff Ave. and S. Blackhawk St.

On the Move 1 On the Move 2 by California artist Gordon Huether embraces the themes of color, light, and motion in a manner that harnesses environmental elements that adds life to the sculptures. On the Move 1 is a monumental abstract representation of the Rocky Mountains. Small, colored, anodized aluminum discs are suspended and will shimmer in the light of the sun and flutter in the wind while emitting sounds reminiscent of river water and gamelan music. It is complimented by On the Move 2, a smaller sculpture constructed of larger discs of dichroic glass. The discs will pivot when hit by a strong wind and will reflect the sun, creating movement through patterns on the pavement below.

Artist Biography:
Gordon Huether learned art composition and appreciation at an early age from his father. In the course of his initial artistic explorations, Huether was resolved to create a lasting impact on the world around him through the creation of large-scale works of art and founded his studio in Napa, California in 1987. Much of his work is inspired by the effects nature has on man-made materials such as the rusty patterns present in deteriorating metal. These materials serve as a reminder of the temporal character of man’s achievements and the awe-inspiring forces of nature. He has completed more than 250 projects, which have included art installations for airports, museums, universities, transportation centers, hotels, hospitals, civic buildings, libraries and more. Huether’s work is exhibited regularly and collected US-wide private commissions.

Artwork at Iliff Square StationArtwork at Iliff SquarePhoto of Gordon Huether

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