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Keep Aurora Clean


Litter Bag ImageIt takes the whole community to help keep Aurora clean. If every person, every business and every organization got involved, it would make a world of difference in beautifying the whole city.

Benefits of a clean city:
  • Improves the city's image
  • Helps prevent disease
  • Preserves the environment
  • Protects our waterways
  • Attracts business
  • Makes every neighborhood a better place to live

We are here to help. Take a look at the resources available to find out better ways to dispose of your garbage. Get inspired by what others are doing in the community to help keep Aurora clean, and start your own project in your own neighborhood. Together, we can make an impact.


Recycling Opportunities (how to recycle household appliances, electronics, confidential documents, clothing, mattresses, CFL bulbs, and alkaline batteries and cooking oil in Aurora)

Yard Waste and Trees (including Christmas Trees)

Household Chemicals

Usable Furniture


Aurora Water rebates: Including ultra high-efficiency toilet rebates, water-wise landscape rebates and irrigation efficiency assessments/rebates

Water conservation classes: Including water-wised landscaping, home water assessment, vegetable gardens and more

Youth water education: Including quarterly newsletter, classroom presentations, curriculum, field trips and more

Fun Resources

Aurora Public Schools Green Stars Program Dashboard: Provides an interactive snapshot of how conservation and recycling efforts at Aurora schools are paying off in terms of electricity and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling promotion (Learn more about the Green Stars Program)

EPA Environmental Games: From the Environmental Protection Agency, enjoy fun ways to learn about recycling, conservation and protecting the environment 

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