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Additional Licensing

Additional Licenses That May Be Required

Please contact us with any questions regarding additional license requirements.

Liquor & Supplemental Licensing
[email protected]

After Hours Club License

  • Expires one year from issuance 

After Hours Club Manager's Annual License

  • Expires one year from issuance 

Christmas Tree Lot License

Any person selling Christmas trees at retail in the city shall obtain a license prior to commencing such activity. If Christmas trees are sold or offered for sale at more than one location, each location is required to obtain a separate license. The deposit required as security for cleaning up the licensed premises shall be forfeited if such premises are not cleared of all trash, debris, trees and temporary buildings on or before Jan. 15 of the year following issuance of the license. The sales tax deposit and the clean-up deposit will not be required from businesses which operate year-round and whose primary purpose is not Christmas tree sales.

  • Valid Nov. 20 through Dec. 31 

Door to Door Seller’s License and Identification Card

Any person who engages in or conducts business going house to house in a residential area of the city of Aurora selling or making immediate or later delivery of goods, merchandise, services or anything of value must obtain a license prior to conducting this activity. This door to door seller must have a current, City issued Identification card in their possession at all times while conducting his or her business. Aurora Municipal Code Section 86-226 through 86-233 can be referenced online at Aurora.Municipal.Codes.

The Identification Card Fee and a New Application for the door-to-door seller's identification card will be due for each 90 day period. The applicant must also present proof of his or her identity with this application along with a photo for the ID card.

Guidelines for Door-to-Door Direct Sell Agents in the City of Aurora


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Do all solicitors need to have a door-to-door license and an ID badge?

Yes with the exception of persons selling newspaper subscriptions and charitable organizations, they must be licensed and be wearing a city issued ID badge at all times while conducting his or her business in residential areas of the city. The ID badge is in no way an endorsement of the door to door seller or of their business practices.

If you believe they are not licensed, you may ask to see if their city issued ID badge.

Please call the Tax & Licensing Office at 303.739.7057 to verify the business has a current license. Some businesses also need to have a contractor’s license to fulfill the sales or services they are selling to you, such as siding for your home. You can verify a contractor’s license through the Building Department at 303.739.7420.

Is a door-to-door license required in a commercial or retail area?

No, only in a residential area.

How do you report a “less than positive experience” with a door-to-door direct sell agent?

You have several options:

  • If a person refuses to leave or you feel threatened by them you should dial 911 and request a police officer.

  • You may call your PAR (Police Area Representative) Officer to make a report. Find out who your PAR officer is at the PAR Web Page

  • You may call Access Aurora at 303.739.7000 to make a complaint.

  • You may use the contact web page for Access Aurora to make a complaint.

  • Understand that often when a police officer responds to a call the sales person is usually gone and difficult to locate. 

Fireworks Sales License

  • For the sale of permissible fireworks from June 15th through July 4th 

Massage Facility

Effective June 23, 2018, businesses that provide massage will need to obtain a Massage Facility License unless of a business type that is exempted by the ordinance. This license is free for businesses in existence as of June 23rd, 2018. 

Solo practitioners are exempt from the license requirement as long as they do the following:

  • Follow all required acts and limitations of operation in the ordinance

  • Utilize either the therapist’s full legal name or license number in all advertisements

  • Do not operate a table shower

  • New businesses must fill out a Solo Practitioner Exemption form in addition to applying for a business license

Shared office space can still meet the solo practitioner exemption as long as each therapist operating a business has their own business license and operates as a distinct and separate business. 

Also exempted from licensing requirement are:

  • Training Rooms of recognized professional or amateur athletic teams

  • Medical offices

  • Shops with a current state issued cosmetology registration

  • Bona fide athletic clubs

  • Locations with massage for not more than 72 hours in a six month period


Ordinance 2018-13 Massage Facility License Ordinance

Pawnbrokers License

"Pawnbroker" means every person engaged in the business of receiving property in pledge, or as security for money or other things advanced to the pawner or pledgor. Every person who shall in the course of his or her business purchase any personal property, with an agreement expressed or implied to resell the property to the person selling, pledging or depositing the same is a pawnbroker. All pawnbrokers wanting to do business within the city must first obtain a license for each location at which such business will be conducted.

No license shall be issued until the applicant has furnished a bond in the amount of $1,000, with at least two sureties, or a corporate surety, authorized to do business in the state. The applicant shall furnish such information as requested by the city to establish and confirm his or her moral character as it relates to doing business as a pawnbroker.

  • Expires one year from issuance 

Pawnbroker's Manager's Annual License

  • Expires one year from issuance 

Seasonal Business License

Seasonal business means any business, which is intended to be, and is in fact, carried on or engaged in by any person not to exceed 180 consecutive days.

  • Expires 180 days from issuance 

Secondhand Dealer License

"Secondhand dealer" means: 1) Any person whose principal business is that of engaging in selling or trading secondhand property; 2) any person whose principal business is not that of engaging in selling or trading secondhand property, but who sells or trades secondhand property through means commonly known as flea markets or any similar facilities in which secondhand property is offered for sale or trade; 3) any person who sells or trades secondhand property from a non permanent location, such as a booth at a flea market or other similar facility; or 4) any person who purchases for resale any secondhand property, the sale or trade of which equals or exceeds $30 in value per item or which carries a manufacturer number, serial number or other identifying mark; or 5) an person who purchases any secondhand property in the form of precious or semi-precious metals or stone. Any secondhand dealer who wishes to conduct business in the city must first obtain a license.

  • Expires one year from issuance 

Sexually Oriented Business License

  • Expires one year from issuance 

Teen Club License

  • Expires one year from issuance 

Trash Haulers Certificate of Registration

Any person engaged in the business of removing or hauling trash, litter, rubbish or other waste within the city must obtain a certificate of registration for each vehicle so used. Before any certificate of registration is issued, each vehicle requiring such certificate shall be inspected by the city to determine whether it is properly equipped for the hauling of trash. The city shall issue a written statement that the vehicle does or does not pass inspection and shall state any deficiencies required to be corrected on the vehicle.

  • Expires December 31 

Tree Trimmers License

In Aurora, any person or company performing tree work for hire is required to possess an Arborist license and a business license. Arborist licensing is administered through the Forestry Division. For information about arborist licensing, call the Forestry Division at 303.739.7177 or view helpful tips on hiring tree companies.

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