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Chase Drain Rebate

The Chase Drain Rebate Program application opened Wednesday, Sept. 6, and many applications have already been submitted.

Before applying for a public improvement permit for your chase drain, you must be approved and have received a confirmation email from the city in order to receive the rebate reimbursement.

The city is offering a rebate program to assist with the installation of chase drains. The program is intended to help homeowners with mitigating drainage ponding along sidewalks.

The program will provide a rebate of up to $3,000 per homeowner for the cost of qualifying materials. Chase drains must be installed by a licensed and bonded contractor with a city permit. The program budget is $300,000 and will allow for about 100 homeowners to be reimbursed.

While a sidewalk chase drain does not reduce the amount of water overflow from irrigation systems, rain or snowmelt, a chase drain will help redirect drainage under the sidewalk to the street instead of pooling on the sidewalk surface.

Instructions to Applicants

  1. Using the form that became available Sept. 6, create a Public Stuff account and complete a chase drain rebate ticket to be added to the Rebate Program list. The program is first come, first served. Once you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation email indicating your application has been received. If you do not receive this email, you are not currently in the program list. Please contact [email protected].
  2. Once on the list, you will receive messages through the Public Stuff system indicating status of your application and next steps. You may check the system at any time by accessing Public Stuff through your account. A city of Aurora employee will evaluate your application and proposed drain site to determine if a chase drain installation is appropriate to mitigate drainage concerns.
  3. Once the evaluation is complete and approved for reimbursement, you will be notified via Public Stuff and by email, and may proceed with retaining a license and bonded contractor. The contractor must submit a chase drain reimbursement public improvement permit (regular form or fillable form) to [email protected] prior to installation. The installation of the chase drain must be completed within 10 months of receiving your initial confirmation email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will every application be approved for reimbursement of a chase drain installation?
No, not all drainage concerns can be mitigated with a chase drain. A city representative will visit your site, evaluate the condition and confirm if the installation of a chase drain is an appropriate solution. You will receive confirmation via email on whether your location has qualified for a chase drain. You may also log into the city's Public Stuff system to check on the status of your application.

I previously installed a chase drain. May I obtain reimbursement for that work?
Yes, the program is open for chase drain installations that occurred in September 2022 or later.

Why are there permitting fees for this program?
The Public Improvement Permit Fee will be waived; however, applicable use taxes must still be applied to the permit.

Why do I need to complete a W-9 to participate in the chase drain rebate program?
The city must adhere to required rules and regulations associated with a monetary rebate. If an applicant for the chase drain rebate program does not provide a completed W-9 form, the city is not able to reimburse the applicant for the chase drain.

How do I know if I completed the application and am on the list?
You will receive a confirmation email that includes your Public Stuff ticket number. You may access your account and ticket anytime through the Public Stuff system.

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