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Lead Service Line Replacement Program

To determine the water service line material, Aurora Water must create two, 6-inch holes on your property. When finished, the holes will be filled, and the landscape restored to as close as possible to its pre-construction condition. In accordance with City Code 138-229, Aurora Water and our contractor, AGL, can access the yard without prior consent to conduct these investigations

If lead or galvanized steel is found, the property owner must complete the Acknowledgement and Agreement form for Aurora Water and its contractor to replace the service line with a copper one. Aurora Water is paying for the new service line, which normally costs $10,000 for a full-line replacement, at no cost to the property owner. 

Aurora Water is committed to protecting public health by delivering safe and dependable water to our communities and businesses. To support this mission, Aurora Water is taking a series of actions through its Lead Service Line Replacement Program to reduce or eliminate the potential for lead exposure from drinking water.

Ensuring every Aurora Water customer has access to safe, quality drinking water is Aurora Water’s top priority.

Illustration explaining a water service line.

What is a water service line?
A water service line is the pipe that runs from the water main to a home or building's internal plumbing. These pipes carry water from the city's water main into homes and buildings.

Lead was sometimes used for water service lines installed prior to 1960. Aurora Water is in the process of identifying and removing these lines. If you believe you have a lead line, contact us at 720.859.4411 or [email protected].

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Aurora Water's contractor for the Lead Replacement Program. 

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