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Donate to the Museum Collections

The Aurora History Museum (AHM) welcomes individuals and organizations to donate items that help fulfill the museum's mission to engage our entire community to interpret and foster pride in Aurora's story.

Physical Object Donation: Do you have a piece of Aurora, Colorado's story sitting around your home or business you would like to donate?  Complete the donation form below and provide a full description of the object(s) you would like to donate and how it tells Aurora's story. 

Digital Object Donation: Do you have digital images, videos, documents, etc. that tell the story of Aurora, Colorado? Click the button below and fill out the digital donation form. Provide as much detail as possible of what your digital content is about and how it tells Aurora's story.  

Oral or Written History Donation: AHM collects the oral and written history of our community members to help tell Aurora's story. If you are interested in being interviewed for an oral history or would like to tell your story by writing or typing, please contact the Curator of Collections at 303.739.6664 or email.

SpeakPipe Oral History: Don't want to do a full interview? We have a quick option to leave your mark on history. Visit our SpeakPipe page by clicking the button below. AHM posts a single question related to an exhibit on display. It is not necessary to view the exhibit to answer the question. SpeakPipe records your answer up to 5 minutes. If you are not happy with your recording SpeakPipe allows you to delete the message and record again. Click on the button below to answer the question and make your mark on Aurora's history.

Important Information: All objects that pass through the initial review will have a final vote with the Collections Committee. We do not accept unsolicited donations. Donations dropped off at the door or mailed to the museum without previous discussion with the Curator of Collections will not be accepted and are subject to disposal. Objects that do not pertain to the story of Aurora, Colorado will not be accepted. If you have issues filling out the online form, contact the Curator of Collections at 303.739.6664.

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