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Public Art in Private Development

Public Art in Private Developments
Metropolitan Districts
Those developments in Aurora that benefit from a Title 32 Metropolitan District are required to place art in the public spaces of the development. Public art is a tool that creates unique public spaces, and is a valuable community asset. Providing a cultural amenity creates strong communities and healthy economies.

Transit-oriented Development
The Transit-oriented Development Ordinance provides for the acquisition of outdoor works of art for developments that will be located in Transit-oriented Development (TOD) districts. The TOD districts are areas surrounding the planned light rail line along the I-225 corridor. Similar to the Metropolitan District concept, public art contributes to the success of public spaces.

“Canopy Lights, Gardens & Play” by Koryn Rolstad

“Canopy Lights, Gardens & Play”

Year: 2020

Media: Aluminum Metal and Acrylic

Artist: Koryn Rolstad · Seattle, WA

Location: Red-Tailed Hawk Park, Inclusive Playground, 23701 E. Hinsdale Way, Aurora, CO 80016

Description: The goals of the public art at this site were to visually unify the entire playground and to provide a variety of sensory experiences for all playground users.


"Never Forgetting Our Heroes" By Austin Weishel 

"Never Forgetting Our Heroes" 
Year: 2020
Media: Bronze and Steel 
Artist: Austin Weishel
Location: New Fire Station #5,  1141 Laredo St., Aurora, CO 80011
This artwork honors the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11/2001 in the attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York. And it serves as a reminder of the dangerous and challenging work performed by our first responders.



Revival By Yulia Avgustinovich

Year: 2019
Media: Mural
Artist: Yulia Avgustinovich

Location: Aurora Fox Art Center, 9900 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora, CO 80010

Description: The different movie and theater characters in the mural bring it to life, while at the same time revealing the intriguing story of this historic building. 

Revival at the Aurora Fox Arts Center

Art in Motion By David Ocelotl Garcia


“Art in Motion” covers the upper façade of the People’s Building entrance. The vibrant mural portrays a community of artists engaged in the expression, manifestation and creation of different art mediums. 

Year: 2019

Media: Mural
Artist: David Ocelotl Garcia
Located at 9995 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora, CO 80010

 Art in Motion Peoples Building

Vintage Emotions By David Ocelotl Garcia


The mural tells the story of a cast of characters expressing a variety of emotions that an actor may convey during a theatrical performance. The mural is located on the North Side of the Vintage Theater building.

Year: 2019

Media: Mural
Artist: David Ocelotl Garcia

Located at 1468 Dayton St., Aurora, CO 80010
Vintage Theatre Mural


We are extremely excited about the incredible artwork at the new Central Recreation Center. The Central Recreation Center is home to one of the most prominent installations of integrated art in a U.S. recreation center. The artist team of David Griggs and Scott Parsons collaborated to produce the four part piece titled "Aspire."  Meant to inspire wellness and wholeness, the facility's imagery in glass and shaped movements in the atrium spirals record the rhythmic movements of the human body in motion. Visit the central recreation center at 18150 E. Vassar Place in Aurora to view "Aspire" up close.


Year: 2019
Media: Art glass and painted metal sculpture.
Artist: David Griggs and Scott Parsons
Location: Central Recreation Center, 18150 E Vassar Pl, Aurora, CO 80013

Description: “Aspire” is a celebration of human movement in four components, atrium art glass, aerial sculpture, gym art glass, and natatorium art glass. Approaching the building, the atrium art glass welcomes you, invites you to venture inside, and proclaims that you are entering a special place.

Central Recreation Center Pool Windows

Central Recreation Center Ceiling Piece
Central Recreation Center Gym Windows

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