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New Public Art

"Ticker Tape"

Year: 2023
Media: Painted Stainless and Painted Steel
Artist: David Farquharson
Location: Liberty View at Fitzsimons, 1959 N Quentin St, Aurora, Colorado 80045

Ticker Tape     Ticker Tape Night

“Listen to the Whispering Winds”

Year: 2023
Media: Painted Stainless and Painted Steel
Artist: May + Watkins Design
Location: Windy Plumes Park, 4490 N Shawnee St, Aurora, CO 80019

Listen to the Whispering Winds Landscape     Listen to the Whispering Winds Portrait

“Aurora: A Moment, A Meaning, A Marvel”

Year: 2023
Media: Poem
Artist: Ahja Fox, Aurora Poet Laureate

Aurora: A Moment, A Meaning, A Marvel


Year: 2023
Media: Aluminum, aluminum tubes, aircraft cable, acrylic paint
Artist: Project One Studio, Adam Buente
Location: Southeast Recreation Center, 25400 E. Alexander Dr., Aurora, CO 80016
Description: This installation integrates art, architecture, and concepts developed through cycle, growth, and change. It reflects the expansiveness of the population, connected as an ecosystem in "a state or period of flourishing."

Florescence     Florescence

“Once Around”

Year: 2021
Media: Stone, Steel, and Polycarbonate
Artist: Tim Upham
Location: Harvard Roundabout south of Iliff Station Parking Garage
Description: As drivers travel around the roundabout, this colorful artwork celebrates earth's daily rotation around the sun. This sculpture served as the inspiration for the 30th Anniversary emblem.

Once Around

"One Nation"

Year: 2021
Media: Mural: Acrylic on Canvas; Sculptures: Cast Resin, Wood Steel; Relief Components: Acrylic on Steel
Artist: David Garcia
Location: Aurora Central Library, 14949 E. Alameda Parkway, Aurora, CO 80012
Description: The artist draws upon aspects of his Mexican heritage in creating the multiple elements of this installation which includes a mural, the circular wall mounted elements (Malinalli), and two three dimensional sculptures of plants (agave and nopal/cactus). All elements come together to reflect a sense of balance, respect, peace and prosperity. 

One Nation     One Nation

"Light of Dawn" By Rafe Ropek

Year: 2021
Media: Stainless steel, Poly carbonate, LED's
Artist: Rafe Ropek
Location: Aurora Municipal Center west entrance
Description: The former Dawn Fountain has now become "Light of Dawn". To align with the city's conservation efforts the artist was given an opportunity to re-envision the art and bring new life to the sculpture. On one hour before sunrise, off during the day and on at sunset and off at 1am.

Light Rainbow

Video Description: LED lights illuminate the sculpture in a variety of colors and patterns.

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