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Water Use Assessments

Outdoor Water Assessments

Aurora Water offers free outdoor water assessments from June 1 through Sept. 30.
To sign up for an outdoor water assessment for summer 2024, click the purple tab above.

Outdoor assessment

We also have a DIY Outdoor Water Assessment Guidebook to help you conduct an outdoor water assessment on your own. Download the do-it-yourself Outdoor Water Assessment Guidebook here.

Approximately half of the water used annually is used outdoors. Water inefficiencies can take a toll on your wallet. Our experts will help troubleshoot your irrigation system and give you the necessary information to maximize its efficiency. The free outdoor assessment includes:

  • Ensuring sprinkler heads work correctly and evenly water landscape areas
  • Checking the irrigation clock to ensure it is set for the correct number of days and minutes

  • Locating and explaining various shut-off valves to prepare for emergencies

  • Assessing soil types to make accurate watering recommendations

  • Discussing possible rebates to update your system and save you money 

Indoor Water Assessments

Indoor Water Leak Check GuidebookAurora Water developed a new resource to help you identify and respond to leaks at your home. Download the do-it-yourself Indoor Water Leak Check Guidebook here.

Silent water leaks and inefficient appliances can waste hundreds of gallons of water each month, resulting in higher water bills. Maximize the efficiency of your water use with an indoor water assessment. This assessment is available to both residents and large-property customers. A water conservation specialist will come to your home or property and provide a free assessment that includes: 

  • A review of historical water use to target possible water-efficiency issues

  • Free high-efficiency faucet aerators and showerheads

  • Checking toilets and water fixtures for leaks
  • Assessing appliances and fixtures for efficiency

  • Providing recommendations for fixture and appliance updates 

  • Locating and explaining various shut-off valves to prepare for emergencies
  • Discussing possible rebates to save you money 
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