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Drip irrigation/Sprinklers

Choosing Your Drip Equipment and Controller

Landscape Drip Irrigation for Homeowners
From one of the biggest names in drip technology, learn how you can use drip irrigation to save water in your landscape.

Drip Depot 
Drip Irrigation General System Checklist
A list of parts you’ll probably need when building your drip system with pro tips.

Drip Depot
Selecting a Water Timer/Controller for Your Irrigation System
Here’s information on how to select the right controller for you.

irrigation installationInstallation

Southern Nevada Water Authority
SNWA Installing and Maintaining Drip Irrigation 
Tons of information with videos on how to install and maintain drip.

Colorado State University Extension
Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens
A fact sheet on drip systems.

Ewing Irrigation
Choose the Right Fittings for Your Drip Irrigation Systems
Determine the fittings that you’ll need for your project. Ewing is a national irrigation supply company. 


Colorado Springs Utilities
Watering Guide for Drip Irrigation 
If you’re not sure how long you should be running your drip zones, here’s a great place to start.

University of Arizona
Landscape Drip Irrigation Scheduler
Consider using this tool to help determine how to schedule your drip zones. Registration is required.

City of Aurora Forestry Department
City of Aurora Tree Watering Guide
Trees need water, too! Learn the proper way to water your trees and how often to do it.

Maintenance and repairsirrigation system

University of California Master Gardener Program
Drip Irrigation Installation and Maintenance 
This is a nice overview of installing and maintaining your drip system.

Drip Depot
How to Repair Drip Irrigation Tubing
A quick guide with a more detailed video.

Drip Depot
Protect Your Investment: Winterize Your Drip Irrigation System
Blowing out and winterizing are critical for any irrigation system in our climate. Learn how to winterize your drip system properly. A video is included.


Sprinkler types

Sprinkler Types

Aurora Water Conservation
Outdoor Water Assessment Guidebook
Find information on sprinkler types on page 4. 

Manufacturer Information
Choosing the right model of a sprinkler head or nozzle can be tricky. Once you identify the type of head or nozzle you need, we recommend reviewing the brand and model’s “spec sheet,” aka “performance sheet,” typically found on the manufacturer’s website. These sheets will provide information on the different types of models’ arc and radius, precipitation rate, and more, including installation tips.

For example, here is the Rain Bird R-VAN rotary nozzle spec sheet.

controllerControllers and scheduling

Aurora Water Conservation
Outdoor Water Assessment Guidebook
Find information on controllers and scheduling on pages 2-4. 

Aurora Water Conservation
Irrigation Controllers 101: Basic Controller Programming 
Our video on the basics of programming your sprinkler controller.

Aurora Water Conservation
Sign up for Know Your Flow for detailed water use reports and weekly recommended watering time emails during the irrigation season (April-October).

Manufacturer Information
Finding programming your controller difficult? Search your controller brand and model on YouTube for detailed programming instructions.

Aurora Water Conservation
Our recommended watering times page lists seasonal watering times and landscape watering rules.

Maintenance and repairsSprinkler

Aurora Water’s Free Outdoor Water Assessments
Sign up for a free assessment! 

Colorado State University Extension
Operating and maintaining a home irrigation system 
Check out the irrigation check-ups section on page four.

Aurora Water’s Outdoor Water Assessment Guidebook 
Want to conduct an outdoor water assessment yourself? See pages 4-8 on our guidebook for directions and an assessment form you can fill out while you check each zone!

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