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FOGS/Caring for Your Sewer Line

A pipe clogged with greaseYou may be wondering what FOGS are. They refer to fats, oils and grease and are a big problem for our sewer lines. What's rinsed down your sink or flushed down the toilet affects your pipes, as well as the pipes in your community.

Help to do your part to prevent expensive raw sewage backups.

Throughout Aurora, clogged pipes have resulted in sewer backups and spills, created environmental problems, or even flooded homes and businesses. Sewer backups are expensive. One household had $19,000 in damaged when raw sewage flooded their basement. What is rinsed down the drain or thrown in the toilet often causes these backups. FOGS, as well as so-called flushable wipes -- which don't break down in the sewer line -- are some of the main culprits.

To help protect your pipes

  • Do not flush wipes of any kind down the toilet
  • Do not use the toilet as a trash can, which includes not flushing cigarette butts, kitty litter, sanitary items or trash
  • Scrape food into the garbage can and wipe off grease or oil with a paper towel
  • Pour used cooking oil or grease into a container, seal it and throw it away
  • Some cooking oil can be recycled through city programs: Recycling Opportunities 

For more information about sewer lines and ways to protect yours, visit Homeowner's Guide to Sewer Lines.

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