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Home Sellers/Buyers Checklist

For title questions, email [email protected]  or call 303.739.7388.

Selling a Home

  • Sellers pay for final water bills in escrow that is collected at closing.

  • Any escrow amount over the final water amount due will be refunded to the seller or designated person on the seller’s behalf.

  • Title companies work directly with water billing for final amounts due.

  • Title companies work with water billing to transfer water accounts from the seller to the buyer after a closing.

  • It is up to the seller to pay the final amount due if the title company does not submit the required information to Aurora Water. Be sure to communicate with your title company.

Buying a Home

  • Through a traditional closing with a title company present, the buyer will complete a form including name, mailing address and phone number at the closing. 

  • The title company submits that information after closing to water billing.

  • The water account is transferred to the buyer's name the next business day.

  • If not purchased at closing (e.g., at an auction), all past due amounts are due at time of opening your new water account as well. The deed is also required. 

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