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Doing Your Part in Snow

Removing Sidewalk Snow
Clear sidewalks during the winter months are a shared community responsibility, helping ensure that Aurora remains a pedestrian friendly city even on snowy days. Getting to school or the bus stop or navigating the city in a wheelchair can be difficult when sidewalks are packed with snow and ice. Because of this, a city ordinance requires that snow and ice be removed from sidewalks. Read more about this on the Snow Removal Responsibilities page. North-facing and shady areas on roadways sometimes need attention, so please contact the Streets division at 303.326.8200 for any section of street remains ice-packed or impassable after several days.

Snow Busters is a program operated by the city of Aurora to assist Aurora’s seniors and the physically challenged with snow shoveling.
Click here for more information on the Snow Busters.

Parking on Snow Emergency Routes
Special traffic signs mark streets designated as snow emergency routes. Vehicles parked on these specially designated streets risk being cited or towed at the owner’s expense.

Respecting the Plows
Remember to give plows plenty of room to operate. Snow plows travel slowly to help ensure correct treatment is being applied to the pavement.  Plow drivers can also have difficulty seeing motorists due to blind spots.

Driving in Snow
Living in Colorado means taking responsibility for making sure your car is ready for winter driving conditions at all times. Here are some tips that may help you:
• Leave early for your destination. Take your time on the roads. Be mindful of other drivers and travel at a moderate pace moving with the rest of traffic. Allow yourself plenty of time to stop. Be patient.
• Equip your car with good tires. All-season tires with good tread work fine for many drivers. If staying home isn’t an option during a snow event, modern-day winter tires can be especially good for getting around, especially for inexperienced winter drivers or those with rear wheel drive.
• Make sure tires are inflated to the recommended pressure.
• Keep important winter gear in your trunk for emergencies: a small snow shovel; kitty litter, snow melt or a piece of scrap carpet for traction; and windshield washer fluid.

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