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Report a Problem

If you are looking for a way to report potholes, damaged sidewalks, or a drainage complaint, you found the right place.

Please include your name, e-mail address or daytime phone number, and your home address with each type of complaint. State how you would like to be contacted, via email or phone, and include the following information per request.

Street Light (Not traffic signal lights)

Please report all street light outages to Xcel Energy's website or call 1.800.895.4999. If you have a question about streetlights in Aurora, call 303.739.7300.

Drainage Complaint

Include the nature of the drainage complaint and area where it is occurring on your property (nearest what neighbor). Please enter your complaint into Access Aurora or call 303.739.7000.

Obstructed Street Inlet

If you should notice an inlet along a sidewalk or street with an obstructed opening with debris or ice, and water is not allowed in, please include the location of the inlet by address or intersection along with direction (NE, SW, N, W, etc.) of corner. Please enter your complaint into Access Aurora or call 303.739.7000.

Sidewalk or Street Damage

As you know broken sidewalks and potholes are not only a nuisance but they are dangerous as well. Should you notice:

Potholes, Broken Sidewalk, Broken Gutter or Other Street Damage

Please note the above mentioned information along with the location and type of damage into Access Aurora or call 303.739.7000.

Ice Buildup on Street

If your street has significant ice buildup and preventing the melting run-off from draining properly, or reaching an inlet, call 303.326.8200. A supervisor will visit the site and determine a course of action.

Our citizens often have inquiries regarding traffic control devices such as signs, traffic signals, roundabouts, crosswalks, and pavement markings. If you have a question or a concern regarding traffic control devices in the city of Aurora, contact Traffic Engineering at 303.739.7300.

If you need to report a missing, downed, or damaged sign or a dark or flashing traffic signal, please enter your complaint into Access Aurora or call 303.739.7000.

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