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AFR Swiftwater rescue saves three people.

Swiftwater rescue from Boxelder Creek
Posted on 06/23/2023

At approximately 1311 Aurora Fire responded to the report of two vehicles trapped by rapidly rising water. One vehicle was located off Hudson Road, the other on 56th Avenue, just East of E470. Aurora Fire was able to send several units to both locations. The first rescue was the vehicle at Hudson Road that had only one passenger inside. Once the person inside was rescued they were assessed by medical personnel and had no injuries.

            The second rescue was on 56th Avenue, where two people were trapped. AFR used our Swiftwater Rescue, and Technical Rescue Team to get to them. Just below where the vehicle was stranded on 56th Avenue, there were six large pipes that are used for water flow from Boxelder Creek. Today, the water was running very quickly, and rapidly. Crews on-scene were concerned about rescue. Aurora Fire with assistance from Bennett and South Metro Fire decided the safest way to get to the trapped individuals in the SUV was by sending our Swiftwater team towards the vehicle, in two pairs of two. AFR had rescuers downstream incase any of the member of the Swiftwater team, or the people trapped in the SUV were swept downstream during the rescue.

            The pairs approached safely and supported each other against the rushing water. They were able to reach the SUV and assisted both people from the car to safety. This was a very stressful rescue with the amount of water running over 56th Avenue. The professionalism and courageousness of our firefighters they worked together as a team and were able to safely guide the trapped parties inside back to safety without any being injured.

            The two people inside the SUV were assessed by medical personnel and had no injuries. All fire agencies debriefed after the incident. Aurora Fire wants to thank both Bennett and South Metro Fire for their assistance on this complex rescue, your help was greatly appreciated.

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