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All cases handled by the Probation Division are misdemeanor in nature from the Aurora Municipal Court. Other misdemeanor, felony and interstate compact cases are handled by the state probation officers with the judicial districts. Adams County Probation handles state charges that occur NORTH of Colfax, and Arapahoe County Probation handles case that occur SOUTH of Colfax.

County, District, and Other Courts

Probation Officers

The Aurora Municipal Court has seven full-time probation officers who supervise probation cases. Clients will receive their probation officer’s individual phone number upon signing up for probation. Clients must schedule appointments directly with their probation officers.

Support Staff

There are two support staff members.

Probation Projects Coordinator

Handles all community service, in-home detention and alcohol monitoring referrals. PRIOR to beginning community service, clients MUST be signed up through the projects coordinator in order to receive credit for their work. Written suggestions for community service projects can be obtained from the projects coordinator.

Useful Public Service

The Useful Public Service unit has two supervisors who supervise up to 10 juveniles on various community service projects.

Probation Division Fees (subject to change)

  • Adult Supervised Probation- $360 per year

  • Juvenile Supervised Probation- $240 per year

  • All Supervised Deferred Judgment - $120 per year

  • Cost Costs - $35

  • VWAF - $50

  • Community Service Fee - $28.50 (MUST be paid before signing up for Community Service)

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