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ChickenThe City of Aurora allows their residents to have chickens on their residential properties. However, we recommend that people interested in raising chickens research the topic before applying for a permit. There are plenty of resources on the internet and social media groups pertaining to owning chickens.

A city permit is required to own chickens and must be obtained prior to having chickens on your property. The permit application can be downloaded here: Chicken Application Permit.

Please be advised that Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have the authority to prohibit chickens within their own bylaws. If you live in a HOA, check with your HOA to see if chickens are allowed before applying for a permit.

Permit Process

  • Permits are granted to single-family residents.
  • If renting you must acquire written consent from your landlord.
  • Create a drawing of your backyard displaying your property fence lines, house and the desired location of the chicken coop. Be sure to include the approximate dimensions of the coop and the hens' outdoor enclosure. The distance from the coop to the fence lines also needs to be indicated.
  • The coop must be at least 15 feet from your neighbors, otherwise, you will need to obtain written consent from any neighbors within 15 feet.
  • Email your permit application, drawing and written consent from neighbors or landlords (if required) to the permit office at [email protected]
  • Pay a one-time permit fee of $40 (permit office will contact you and advise on how to make payment).
  • A permit can be revoked for conviction in municipal court of violating city ordinances (i.e., animal violations, fence regulations, etc.)

Rules Regarding Chickens

  • Owners can have no more than 6 hens at any given time, unless the residential property exceeds 20,000 square feet, in which case 8 hens are allowed.
  • Rooster are not permitted.
  • Hens of other species are not allowed (i.e., pea fowl hens, guinea hens, etc.).
  • During daylight hours, hens must have access to their coop and outdoor enclosure.
  • Hens must be secured inside their coop from dusk to dawn.
  • Hens are not allowed to run at large and must be confined to the property.
  • Chickens may not be slaughtered in residential areas.
  • Prevent hens from encountering wild ducks or geese and their excrement.
  • Owners are required to provide humane care for their animals as noted in the city ordinance, Sec. 14-13.

Chicken Coop Requirements
  • Hens must be provided with a covered, predator-resistant coop.
  • The coop should provide at least 2 square feet of space per hen.
  • Overall floor space no larger than 120 square feet in size.
  • Coop must be properly ventilated and designed to be easily accessed, cleaned and maintained.
  • Located inside a fenced enclosure that is at least 6 square feet in size to provide hens with outdoor access during the day. The enclosure must adequately protect them from predators.
  • The coop and fenced enclosure must be sanitary at all times and cleaned on a regular basis.

If you should have any questions regarding the rules and regulations of owning chickens, please contact us at 303.326.8288 or online through Access Aurora. To check on your permit status please email [email protected]

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