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Home Projects For Pets

Home Projects

Want to add your personal touch to items being donated? The Aurora Animal Shelter welcomes homemade crafts to help enrich the lives of their animals. Listed below are projects that the shelter could benefit from. However, due to limited storage space at the shelter, we ask that you call in advance before gathering supplies to see what projects the shelter could currently benefit from. Please call our Community Outreach Coordinator at 303.326.8390 to discuss projects.

These projects are not only great for the animals at the shelter, but for animals in your own home.

Snuffle Mats - Shelter staff hide treats in the fabric of the mats for the dogs to find. Watch the following video from Girl Scout Troop 60846 to learn how to make one.


Cat Blankets
 - Our felines love to knead the soft fabric of these blankets before taking a nap. Not only are these blankets purr-fect for cats, but our smaller dogs love to snuggle in these as well! Instructions can be found in the below video. 21" x 21" are generally the best size to fit in our kennels.

Kitten Socialization Bag - These bags are extremely vital to the shelter and help both staff and foster parents with unsocial/feral kittens. These bags create a safe place to keep the kittens while trying to get them use to people. The following instructions were provided graciously by the Foothills Animal Shelter; Kitten Socialization Bag. For step by step instructions watch the below video provided by Aurora Public Libraries.

Flirt Pole - These flirt poles are a great recreational tool for dogs to burn off some energy! Watch the video below for more information.

Cat Cover - These covers are a great way to give felines some privacy in their kennels.

Bow Ties - Not only are these adorable for pets to wear, but adds a nice touch to their profile photos. Bow ties can be plain, have a cute pattern or have festive designs for different holidays.

Homemade Toys - Creating toys for pets is a great way to express your creative abilities while providing the animals a great way to entertain themselves. However, we do ask that there are no loose strings on the toys. String can be dangerous and potentially lethal if an animal eats it.

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