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City Attorney Dan Brotzman to Retire June 30

City Attorney Dan Brotzman to Retire June 30
Posted on 03/25/2024
City Attorney Dan Brotzman

Aurora City Attorney Daniel L. Brotzman announced his plans to retire after eight years at the Aurora City Attorney’s Office, one of the larger public law offices in Colorado. His retirement will be effective June 30, 2024.

“For the past 38 years I have been fortunate to serve leaders, citizens and the community in Colorado municipal government,” said Brotzman in a letter to the Aurora City Attorney’s Office. “I am grateful for my current role as City Attorney in Aurora and my 28-year career as City Attorney for Englewood. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with over a dozen mayors as well as a host of council, board and commission members. I have been blessed to work together with and alongside an amazing group of attorneys, legal staff and outside counsel in my career. Together they have and continue to provide exceptional advice and counsel by working shoulder to shoulder with dedicated public servants all of which is for the benefit of the citizens and community.”

As the city attorney, Brotzman has overseen all criminal and civil legal matters affecting the city including complex litigation. He has also supported the City Council in developing and implementing city policies on matters ranging from public safety to water conservation to environmental and land use.

“I am also very proud of actions that Aurora has successfully undertaken to protect and provide redress to the citizens such as multidistrict opioid and PFAS litigation,” said Brotzman.

Brotzman was involved in the creation of the city’s new, integrated uniform development code, a critical issue for Aurora as the city continues to grow in a planned fashion. Also, Brotzman ensured proper emphasis was created to provide appropriate legal counsel on the critical needs concerning water rights, water infrastructure and other multimillion-dollar capital needs.

His restructuring of the City Attorney’s Office also brought more focus on environmental issues impacting Aurora. During his tenure, Aurora’s first operator agreements for oil and gas were adopted. These agreements led to the creation of Aurora’s current regulatory structure which has been adopted as a model for other municipalities.

The Aurora City Attorney’s Office includes a staff of approximately 65 people. The city attorney position is one of four positions appointed by the Mayor and the City Council pursuant to the Aurora City Charter. Plans to permanently fill the position are pending.

“I have found the attorneys in my office to be bright, hardworking, caring people with their hearts and intentions in the right place,” said Brotzman. “I am eternally grateful to my wonderful team.”

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