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Through September 2020

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 All artworks are available for purchase. For more information contact the Public Art office at or 303.739.6747

On Havana Street and the city of Aurora’s Art in Public Places program are proud to partner to bring the Sixth Annual Art 2C on Havana sculpture exhibit and competition. Thirteen sculptures and one permanent piece will be exhibited in the Business District, which is spread along Havana Street from East First Avenue to East Yale Avenue.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these works, call 720.788.8986.

The exhibition provides residents and visitors a unique way to experience the Business District. Public art such as this boosts real estate values and creates opportunities for local businesses to thrive. 

2019-2020 Art Sculptures

Sculpture:  “Cahaya”

Artist:  Pavia Justinian, Fruita, CO.

Details:  Painted Cement over Steel and Glass Frame with Solar LEDs –81" x 27" x 27", $16,500

Location: Concorde Healthcare Training

Low-energy LEDs are the source of Cahaya's inner light, powered through a small solar panel integrated into her fishtail base. Cahaya means “light” in Indonesian. She is the day, while her sister Mahina, whose name means “moonlight" in Hawaiian, is the night. Cahaya’s eyes and hands point up toward sunlight and the heavens, while Mahina’s point down toward the earth and underworld. Together they are the guardians of the sea.

Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison

Sculpture: “Chief-Eye-Heart-Gut, Archer of the West”Chief-Eye-Heart-Gut, Archer of the West

Artist:Jimmy Descant, Salida, CO.

Details: Found Object Assemblage –10’ x 6’ x 3’, $15,000

Location: Havana Machine

This abstract 10 foot tall Chief started out as an expression of basics of vision, feelings, and gut instinct; influenced by the Colorado native Utes, as well as many other Western tribes, such as the Apaches represented by a 1959 Chevy Apache truck and trim pieces as arrows. Its abstract form shows strength and resiliency of the history of America’s First Peoples, using parts from the Golden Age of American manufacturing, all deconstructed and then reconstructed in the artists own style.    

Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison   

“Summer Wheat”
Sculpture: “Summer Wheat”

Artist: Kyle Cunniff, Alamosa, CO.

Detail: Foam, Steel, Epoxy and Glass–6.5’ x 1.5’ x 4", $6,000

Location: Main Street at the Gardens on Havana

Summer Wheat is an outdoor sculpture reminiscent of a wheat grass flower enlarged and ornamental. It stands as a kind of totem, reminiscent of a cathedral window with colors that represent time, the stone and growth, the green of the glass. Grains are a food staple in almost every culture on Earth.

    Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison

Sculpture: “Tide Pool Dreams”“Tide Pool Dreams”

Artist: Annette Coleman, Lakewood, CO.

Details:  Stained Glass Mosaic Sculpture – 57" x 24" x 18", $9,000

Location: Shortline Buick GMC

This sculpture is in response to a trip that the artist took to the Pacific Northwest, a day of exploring among the tide pools in a squall.  The colors were heightened by the overcast sky and the waves that came in and out.

Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison       

“Matriarchal Moon Creature”
Sculpture:  “Matriarchal Moon Creature”

Artist: Reven Swanson, Denver, CO.

Details:  Kinetic Steel –15’ x 7’ x 3.5’, $9,000

Location: Havana Tower

Reaching across the sky, this flying creature balances the heavens.  This figure is part of a building series, the "Moon Creature Series". The sculpture is a celebration of natural harmony. Made of modern-day materials and methods, the artwork is about change, balance and growth for a contemporary woman.

    Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison

Sculpture:  “Canyon Cirque”Canyon Cirque

Artist:  Frank Morbillo, Tesuque, NM.

Details:  Steel – 77" x 23" x 21", $18,000

Location: Bella Vita Active Senior Living

“Canyon Cirque” comes from the artist’s Canyon Series and was inspired by cliff formations found in land areas where water flows over. The three sections of the sculpture represent the layers of strata of vertical rock walls that erode at different rates.
Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison  

“Sandy Springs with Clouds”

Sculpture:  “Sandy Springs with Clouds”

Artist: Justin Deister, Louisville, CO.

Details:  Metal, Stucco, Foam, Springs and Concrete Paint, $9,000

Location: Mark Vissering State Farm Insurance

“Sandy Springs with Clouds” is about bringing awareness to the need to become better stewards of natural resources. Clouds can serve as an example of how to share the same atmosphere we all depend on, whether we live in Denver or Denmark.

    Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison

Sculpture:  “La Catrina #3” “La Catrina #3”

Artist: Victoria Patti, Arvada, CO.

Details:Recycled Steel–120" x 40" x 50", $6,500

Location: Molcajete Mexican Restaurant

The artist has a series of four large sculptures that consist of 8 feet tall women that are skeletons underneath their fancy dresses.  Las Calaveras de las Catrina are what they are referred to in Mexico. As a social satire, the Catrina is a representation of some Mexican natives in the early 20th century aspiring to adopt European aristocratic traditions.

Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison

“George Jetson Travels to the Aurora Borealis”

Sculpture:  “George Jetson Travels to the Aurora Borealis”

Artist: Annette Coleman, Lakewood, CO.

Details:  Stained Glass Mosaic Sculpture –6’ x 2.5’ x 28", $18,000

Location: M - Mart

The sculpture is in response to a fond childhood memory of Coleman coming home from school and watching black and white cartoons. The artist loved George Jetson, the jingle and the family. The interstellar trips the artist could imagine that the Jetson family took as part of their world in space inspired her to look towards the heavens.

    Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison


Sculpture:  “Zafira”“Zafira”

Artist: Pavia Justinian, Fruita, CO

Details:Oil Pain Cement over Steel Frame ", $16,500

Location: Autawash

Zafira’s dancer’s grace is apparent at first glance - she is balanced on the front of her foot, suggesting she has already leapt off her base, arms out stretched above her in joyful abandon. A closer look reveals a warrior’s rough features, strong jaw, and thick limbs. Zafira’s painted face and bejeweled body live up to her name, which means ‘successful’ in Arabic - but the artist chose it because to her it is evocative of both her strength and grace.

Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison   


“Cold Moon Over Taos”
Sculpture:  “Cold Moon Over Taos” 

Artist: Sandy Friedman, Colorado Springs, CO.

Details:  Steel –12’ x 6’ x 6’, $11,600

Location: The Stampede

The artist was inspired when he watched the full fold moon rising over the desert outside of Taos, New Mexico in the winter of 2016. There were no city lights to interfere with the view; the stars were twinkling brightly and the moon was bright. The wind was blowing steadily causing the clouds to move continuously creating the image of the moon rising over and over again.
    Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison


Sculpture:  “Bending Sound”“Bending Sound”

Artist: Sandy Friedman, Colorado Springs, CO.

Details:  Steel –12’ x 6’ x 6’, $11,600

Location: Bicycle Village

When Southerland was a child his father placed a welding torch in his hand and the love of creating was birthed within his soul. The artist’s love of art continues to grow as well as his curiosity to try new mediums. He finds his imagination is endless and ever evolving.
 Photo by Carina Banuelos-Harrison    

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