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Photo Speed Enforcement Pilot Program

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Committed to safer streets through speed enforcement

Photo Speed Enforcement vehicle

Ensuring the safety of residents, businesses and visitors is the City of Aurora's top priority.

In response to rising crash fatalities in Aurora and statewide, in Summer 2023 the Aurora Police Department (APD) will launch a photo enforcement pilot program, which City Council approved in July 2022. It is aimed at making streets safer through targeted enforcement of speeding motorists.

Photo enforcement programs have proven successful in deterring speeding and reducing crashes and fatalities. They have been administered by cities across the country, including Denver, during the past two decades.

When: The 13-month pilot program began on July 14, 2023, with warnings for the first month. The citation period will begin on August 14, 2023. Before the program ends in Summer 2024, the results will be studied to determine whether it should continue.

Who: Any vehicles recorded traveling 11 mph or more above the speed limit would be considered in violation once verified independently by the Police Department. The decision to issue a violation at 11 mph or more is based on Colorado State Statute 42-4-110.5.

How: Like photo enforcement programs in Denver and other communities, Aurora’s program will feature vehicles equipped with advanced laser systems capable of pinpointing a speeding vehicle, even on a multi-lane road. The vehicles will be operated seven days a week.

Where: Photo enforcement vehicles are typically located in residential areas where the speed limit is 35 mph or less, school zones, streets that border municipal parks, and work zones. Locations will be chosen based on traffic safety risks or history. Vehicles will park in the open, and signage will be placed ahead to warn motorists of the enforcement zone in accordance with state law. 

Fines: State-capped at $40 per citation, $80 in school zones. Motorists who receive a citation for driving more than 25 mph over the posted speed limit will receive a summons for a traffic offense that can be disputed in the Aurora Municipal Court. Fines will pay for the program and traffic safety improvements in the city.

More information is below in the FAQs, including how SB23-200 will impact this program.

Photo Enforcement FAQs

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