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Consent Decree Progress

Aurora Police Department Announces Training Milestones
Posted on 03/28/2023

(March 28, 2023) — The Aurora Police Department announced Tuesday it has completed department-wide training in four key areas of public safety, in accordance with the Consent Decree.

The Aurora Police Department formally entered a consent decree in February 2022 with the Colorado Attorney General. Focused primarily on improving policies and providing more training opportunities for officers, the consent decree represents our commitment to the community to regain its trust.

As of March 1, all sworn officers have received training in Integrating Communication Assessment and Tactics, Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement and constitutional policing. Officers also have engaged in joint training sessions with Aurora Fire Rescue firefighters.

Integrating Communication Assessment and Tactics is a nationally recognized training program providing officers tools, skills and options they need to safely defuse a range of critical incidents. Anchored by critical decision making, the training is designed to help officers recognize when a member of the community is experiencing a mental health or other crisis. The training was rolled out agency-wide over two months and completed in 2023.

Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement is another nationally recognized best practice that teaches officers about peer intervention and provides them with the skills to successfully intervene to prevent unnecessary harm to a member of the community. Training began in 2021. All officers received two sessions of scenario-based training in 2022. Updated training will be delivered in mid-2023.

The Aurora Police Department has written and adopted a new Constitutional Policing policy and a new Bias Based Policing policy. Training was created to reinforce every officer’s understanding of the public’s protections from unreasonable contacts under the 4th and 14th amendments.

The Constitutional Policing and Bias Based Policing policies lay the foundation and are monumental first steps for achieving compliance with the consent decree. The core principles of both policies clearly state the agency’s commitments to define its values, rebuild trust with the community and improve the department’s culture.

Constitutional Policing training is steeped in the core value of treating all members of the community with respect. In addition to the expectation contacts are lawful, the training goes a step further to ensure officers are ethical and moral in their interactions with the community. Training, which was completed in February, also covers how officers are expected to document their interactions with the public, as required by SB20-217.

Anti Bias for Law Enforcement training, which is still in development, is designed to assist both sworn and professional staff members in identifying the impact cultural diversity, stereotypes, assumptions and bias have on employee-to-employee and police-to-community relations. The training will be delivered agency-wide later this year.

Beginning in 2021, the Aurora Police Department and Aurora Fire Rescue began developing joint training to foster better inter-agency coordination at shared emergency scenes. The agencies have developed six joint training courses, completing training in three areas of public safety. Additional training will take place throughout 2023 and into the future.

Joe Moylan
Public Information Officer

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