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Development Fees Checklist

(Please note all fees may not apply to all projects)

Development Application Review Fees (2021)
Due at the time of plan/application submittal
Planning Applications See Fee Schedule 1
Civil Plan Review See Fee Schedule 2
Building Plan Review See Fee Schedule 3
Irrigation Plan Review See Fee Schedule 5
Annexation Application $400 plus $7.35/acre

Development Fees (2021)
Due at time of subdivision platting
Storm Drainage Development Fee See Fee Schedule 7
Water Transmission Fee See Fee Schedule 7
Sewer Interceptor Fee See Fee Schedule 7
--Fees in lieu of public land dedication
Parks and Open Space
Public School District Requirements
See Fee Schedule 6
Contact local school district

Real Property Services Fees (if applicable) (2021)
Due at submittal to Real Property Services and prior to building permit issuance
Easement Release   
  - 5 Utility Easements
  - 2 Drainage Easements
  - 1 Type Easement & 2 Other Type 
  - 2 Drainage Easements, 1 Utility
    Easement, 1 Fire Lane Easement            

License Agreement $2,487
License Agreement Addendum and Assignments                                  $564
Pre-License Agreement                  $1,243
Revocable License                         $73.75

Construction Permit (2021)
Due at permit issuance
Sign Permit (based on valuation) See Fee Schedule 3
Public Improvements Permit See Fee Schedule 4
Storm Water Quality Discharge Permit See Fee Schedule 4
Irrigation and Lawn Permits See Fee Schedule 5

Building Permit (2021)
Due at Permit Issuance (total of items below)
All permits require payment of the following fees and taxes:
--Building Permit Fee (permit fee determination assessment)
See Fee Schedule 3
--Sales and Use Tax deposit 3.75% of total construction
materials cost
Additional fees and taxes are also due as applicable: (2021)
--Arapahoe County Open Space Use Tax deposit
(applies only to properties in Arapahoe County)
0.25% of total construction
materials cost
--Park Development Fee (for residential projects) See Fee Schedule 6, section B
--Capital Impact Fee (for residential projects only):
Single-family (detached) $5,474.10 per unit
Single-family (attached) $4,105.12 per unit
Multi-family $3,937.50 per unit
--Forestry Fee (where property abuts publicly dedicated street,
except major arterials):

Single-family detached $7.15 per lineal foot
All other types of development $3.55 per lineal foot

--Other fees as determined by the Annexation Agreement Annexation Process

Water and Sanitary Sewer Connection (TAP) Fees (2021)
Fees due at time of connection or before Certificate of Occupancy
Construction Water Fee  
Wet Tap Fee  
Water Service Connection Fee  
Sanitary Sewer Connection Fee  
Metro Wastewater District Fee  
Irrigation Only Meters  

Office of Development Assistance Review (2021)
(if applicable)
Development Agreement Request $4,735
Metropolitan District Request $4,735
Business Improvement District Request  $4,735

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