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Water-wise Landscape Rebate

Water-wise landscape

Aurora Water incentivizes the conversion of water-guzzling turf lawns to water-wise landscapes. Water-wise landscapes are attractive, lower maintenance yards that save water, provide wildlife habitat and withstand drought.

In addition to converting to a landscape such as the one pictured above, we also provide rebates for conversion of Kentucky bluegrass to low-water grasses. For our semi-arid region, grasses that require low amounts of supplemental water and maintenance to survive make the most sense. Low-water grass such as Buffalograss provides a more uniform look, while Blue grama grows in a bunch-grass form. Both hold up well against heat and drought, while Dog Tuff™ is even resistant to dog urine.

Whether you choose a colorful plant-based landscape or low-water grass, you’ll conserve water and save money on your water bill by switching to a water-wise landscape.

Water-wise Landscape Rebate Basic Rules:
• All projects must be approved by Aurora Water prior to installation.
• Areas to be converted must be grass that is in good health.
• Projects must be front and/or side areas that are readily visible to the public.
• A 500-square-foot minimum size applies to all projects, unless it is for the entire front yard or curbside area (the grass between the sidewalk and the street).
• Choose between a water-wise or a z-zone project (residential maximums are $3,000 for water-wise and $4,500 for z-zone projects).
• A phasing option is available.

Water-wise Landscape Rebate Eligibility Basics:
• The existing lawn must appear healthy at the time of application, including good color, coverage, growth and few weeds.
• Historical water consumption will be reviewed and will determine eligibility. Monthly usage as indicated by your bill must indicate sufficient water during summer months for the size of the property. This analysis typically guarantees a decrease in water consumption after landscape conversion.
• If you recently purchased your property, it may be eligible for a partial rebate. Contact the Water Conservation office at 303.739.7195 to discuss your eligibility.
• If you are a large property customer — commercial, multifamily, industrial or institutional  contact Water Conservation Staff at 303.739.7195 to discuss project scope.
• Follow instructions and rules as outlined in the Water-Wise Landscape Rebate Manual.

Your Next Steps:
1. Carefully read the Water-wise Landscape Rebate Manual.
2. Complete your application and wait to hear from Water Conservation staff about your project’s eligibility.
3. Note: The timeline to receive a rebate by the end of the year is as follows:
Application and photos of the current lawn must be submitted no later than Aug. 1.
Projects must be complete, pass final inspection and have all paperwork submitted by Oct. 31.

** New for 2021 — Turf removal assistance **
As part of the Water-wise Landscape Rebate program this year, our landscape partner, Resource Central, will remove up to 1,000 square feet of turf and compost it for just $1 per square foot. This offer is limited to the first 20 Aurora Water customers who qualify for a water-wise landscape rebate by the Aug. 1, 2021, deadline and sign up for turf removal at

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