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Aurora Resident, First Responders Receive Awards

Aurora resident, multi-agency first responders receive awards for life-saving cardiac response
Posted on 10/27/2023
Image of award recipients

An Aurora resident and the city’s public safety agencies today were recognized for their fast action and coordinated emergency response that saved an Aurora resident’s life who suffered from cardiac arrest in August. All received awards for their heroism and were thanked by the survivor, who made a full recovery.

While at home on the afternoon of August 22, Tiara McElroy noticed that her boyfriend’s cousin, Arthur Douglas, had fallen to the floor in the family’s kitchen and was unresponsive. McElroy quickly called 911 for emergency assistance.

An Aurora911 trainee, with direct assistance from Professional Development Specialist Sarah Allen, answered the call for help, assessed the situation and immediately alerted emergency communications specialists to urgently deploy responders from the Aurora Police Department, Aurora Fire Rescue and Falck Rocky Mountain to the home. PDS Allen guided the communication of life-saving medical instructions through her trainee to ensure cardiopulmonary resuscitation chest compressions began without delay. With PDA Allen on the phone, Tiara provided support and guidance to another cousin of Douglas’, who placed him on the floor and began chest compressions. Within minutes, Aurora Police Officer Jordan Littlefield arrived on the scene and took over in providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation treatments.

When Aurora Fire Rescue Engine 7 B-Shift and Falck Rocky Mountain crews arrived, they assessed Douglas’ condition, continued chest compressions and re-established an effective heart rhythm by an automated external defibrillator. After gaining a steady pulse and heart rhythm, AFR and Falck medics continued to provide life-saving medical care while Douglas was transported to The Medical Center of Aurora.

Douglas made a full recovery and joined in the celebration today to recognize McElroy and the first responders for their heroic efforts in saving his life.

McElroy received the Aurora911 Guardian Angel award, a newly created award which recognizes life-saving action prior to the intervention of field responders.

“Aurora911 is honored to recognize Tiara with the inaugural Guardian Angel award for her fast action in saving Arthur’s life,” said Aurora911 Director Tina Buneta. “Recognizing his life was in danger, immediately calling for help, and quickly providing support to begin chest compressions were crucial first links in the chain-of-life for Arthur, and a major reason for today’s celebration of his full recovery.”

PDS Allen, Officer Littlefield and the AFR and Falck crews who responded also received departmental life-saving awards for that are presented after successfully bringing back to life individuals who were in cardiac arrest and who make a complete and neurologically intact recovery.

Awards that were presented and the recipients include:

  • Aurora911 Guardian Angel Award
    Aurora resident Tiara McElroy

  • Aurora911 Phoenix Award
    Aurora911 Professional Development Specialist Sarah Allen

  • Aurora Police Department Lifesaving Award
    Aurora Police Officer Jordan Littlefield

  • Aurora Fire Rescue Phoenix Award
    Aurora Fire Rescue Engine 7 B-Shift Crew:
    AFR Lieutenant Michelle Anderson
    AFR Acting Engineer Joseph Altman
    AFR Fire Medic James Daoust
    AFR Firefighter Cody Cummings

  • Falck Rocky Mountain Phoenix Award
    Falck Medic 101 Crew:
    Falck Paramedic Rebekah Swanson
    Falck Emergency Medical Technician Hallie Richards

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