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Missing Sidewalk Improvement Project

Design Overview

The city of Aurora has many sections of missing sidewalks. The Missing Sidewalk Improvements Project will fill in gaps at various locations to complete the sidewalk network and improve pedestrian safety. The city will promote livability by enhancing the region’s multimodal system and increasing access to active transportation choices. Sidewalk gaps along arterial and collector roads are obstacles that may prevent community members from safe, comfortable, and reliable access to regional destinations or the transit network. Closing critical sidewalk gaps adjacent to city roads will directly address a common barrier to walking. 

Coordination is underway with other agencies including the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Regional Transportation District (RTD), and construction is anticipated in fall 2024.

Design improvements are underway for missing sidewalks at seven locations throughout the city (see project location map). As funding becomes available, the city will add more sidewalk segments as future projects.

Project Locations

  • Billings Street south of Evergreen Avenue
  • East Colfax Avenue west of Laredo Street
  • East Colfax Avenue between the High Line Canal Trail and North Salida Street
  • North Airport Boulevard south of East Sixth Avenue
  • North Airport Boulevard north of East Alameda Drive
  • South Buckley Road north of East Exposition Drive
  • South Chambers Road south of East Hampden Circle
  • East Dry Creek Road west of South Quatar Way

map of locations for missing sidewalk replacement

Project Schedule

(Dates listed below are approximate and subject to change)

  • Final Design: Complete in Spring 2024
  • Start Construction: Fall 2024
  • Complete Construction: 2025

Project Funding

Aurora received a federal funding match from the Denver Regional Council of Governments to help pay for sidewalk construction in Adams and Arapahoe counties.


How will the project benefit the community?

A complete sidewalk network helps:

  • Improve access and mobility for community members
  • Enhance the region’s multimodal transportation system
  • Create a safer transportation system by reducing potential conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians walking along roadways
  • Supports healthy, active choices for users of all ages and abilities
  • Improve connections to transit, schools, and healthcare

How wide will the new sidewalks be?
The new sidewalks are between five to ten feet wide depending on the location. Wider sidewalks (8 to 10 feet) are typical on Colfax Avenue and South Buckley Road. The selected sidewalk width balances functionality and user comfort with constraints such as right-of-way, topography and utility impacts.

Will there be future sidewalk improvement projects?

Yes. The city is currently in the planning stages of another missing sidewalk improvement project, which is also partially funded through a federal grant. The design for this project will begin in summer 2024. Aurora plans to fund additional future sidewalk projects as part of a commitment to improve the pedestrian network throughout the city.

Contact the Project Team

The city of Aurora values concerns and comments of residents and businesses in the area. Updates during the design and construction phase will be posted here. Please email Matt Cresto if you have any thoughts to share.

Matt Cresto, PE – City of Aurora Project Manager
[email protected] 

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