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Grass Dormancy

When should I let my turf go dormant, and how long can it stay asleep?Dormant grass

Most lawns can remain dormant for up to four weeks, depending on the health of your turf. Letting your grass sleep during the hottest and driest months, typically July or August offers the best opportunity for water savings.

How much water does dormant grass need?
Studies show that dormant grass can survive on as little as 0.25 inches of water per week. This chart shows an estimate of how long it takes for each sprinkler type to water 0.25 inches using the cycle-and-soak method. Each sprinkler system is different and may need shorter or longer runtimes to deliver the right amount of water. These runtimes are for a single cycle. It would be best if you were programming each zone to run three cycles spaced about an hour apart.






4 mins 

8 mins 

12 mins 

5 mins 

After the dormancy period, water your lawn using Aurora Water's recommended watering times guide as a reference.

How do I tell if my grass is dormant or dead?
Many grass species will still have some greenish blades showing through when dormant. You can also perform a Tug Test. Grab a handful of grass and tug gently. If the grass has some resistance and doesn't pull out, it is likely just sleeping.

How do I take care of my grass while it is sleeping? 
• Don't mow. 
• Minimize foot traffic.
• Don't fertilize. 
• Don't aerate.

How do I get my grass to rebound after dormancy? 
• Rehydrate. 
• Manage weeds.  
• Keep foot traffic reduced until your grass has greened back up. 
• Fertilize. 

Are there plants that thrive in a drought?
Water-wise landscapes are a much better alternative to surviving drought than turf. Visit our GRIP page to learn how we can help you make the change.

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