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Mobile Ice Cream Vendors

With the passage of ordinance 2022-39, mobile ice cream vendors are permitted to operate in residential zones with the following limitations:

  • Obtain a city of Aurora general business license

  • Obtain a mobile food service license from the local health department. This is required when food requires cold storage. However, an ice cream truck does not require a full plans review.

  • Any operator must have a driver’s license

  • Registered sex offenders or anyone convicted of sex crimes involving children are not allowed to operate ice cream trucks. Companies are responsible for verifying that operators are not registered sex offenders.

  • No one can be enticed or allowed to ride on the vehicle that is not affiliated with the ice cream business.

  • No enticing of children to meet at another location not related to the ice cream business.

  • The vehicles cannot operate in the following manner when vending ice cream:

    • Driving in excess of ten miles per hour

    • Vending on a street with a posted speed limit in excess of twenty five miles per hour

    • Vending in reverse

    • Between the hours of sunset and before 10 a.m.

    • On private property, school grounds, or park property without prior written permission maintained on the vehicle.

  • Transactions cannot occur

    • When the ice cream vehicle is not lawfully and safely stopped and the hazard lights are not in operation

    • From any part of the vehicle facing traffic

    • When the ice cream vehicle is not as near to the curb or edge of roadway as is reasonably possible.

    • With any person standing in the traveled portion of the roadway or on any median or other traffic control device.

  • Vehicles must:

    • Be clearly marked and identifiable as an ice cream vehicle.

    • Is marked in letters and numbers at least three inches tall with the name and address of the licensed ice cream business.

    • Have the general business license and state food license on board.

    • Have safety features included rear and side view mirrors and a convex mirror or camera mounted to the front of the vehicle so the area in obscured by the hood can be seen by the operator.

    • Have proof of commercial general liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 in coverage available upon request by any city enforcement official.

  • No operation of ice cream vehicles in any manner that endangers the health, safety or welfare of any person or property.

2022-39 Mobile Ice Cream Vehicles Ordinance


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