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Summer of Imagination 2022

Fun Summertime for All
Posted on 06/20/2022
School is out for the summer, but learning shouldn’t be. Multiple stu ies have found that children perform better on standardized tests given at the beginning of summer than they do on tests at the end of summer. This is called the “Summer Slide,” when children lose knowledge gained during the school year. This loss leaves 
kids farther behind each year and hampers development. The development of literacy skills is crucial in a child’s academic trajectory, especially during early childhood and elementary school years. 
Exposure to language and reading builds vocabulary and sets the stage for future learning and academic achievement.
How can kids and families combat summer slide and ensure they have a strong foundation for years to come? Keep those brains stimulated with reading, new experiences and challenges while school is out! 
“Dive into Reading” at Aurora Public Library this summer with reading challenges, live performers  and programs designed to get kids thinking. Stop by any Aurora Public Library to get signed up and 
receive a reading log. Complete the challenges on the log by July 30 to receive a free book and a chance to win other prizes. 
Summer reading is not just for kids and teens though! Summer reading programs have been around  since the late 1960s, consistently, the more parental involvement, the more successful the program outcomes are for children. Reading and continuous learning are skills that 
adults model for younger generations.
And adults can still have fun! Beat the
summer heat with our many programs just for adults. There's a book club for every genre and interest - horror, true crime, nonfiction, sci-fi, and even book clubs for your lunch break or on the go! Pick up a new hobby this summer through DIY programs. Learn to embroider, cross-stitch, paint, quilt and create unique works of art all for free at the library. 
Just want to socialize? Our " Get Social" programs include board game nights, neighborhood walks, jigsaw puzzles and podcast chats! You can even learn something new with our community garden visits and computer tutoring. Fond summer reading memories aren’t just for childhood!
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