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Dog Basics

Stray Lost Dogs

Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pets contained on their property. Pets that stray from their owner’s property and are running loose are referred to as strays. A stray dog that has been found can be brought to the Aurora Animal Shelter during normal business hours. However, if you are unable to secure the dog, believe the dog is unsafe to handle or you are incapable of bringing the dog to the shelter, please contact us and one of our Animal Protection Officers will assist you.

If a dog is unwilling to approach you, please do not chase it. A chased dog could easily run into traffic and get injured.

Leash Laws

If a dog leaves its owner’s property it is required to be on a leash. The leash cannot exceed more than 10 feet in length and must be held by a person that is physically able to control the dog. Having a dog on a leash protects both you and the community.

Please note that if a dog is tethered on its owner’s property, the tether must be a minimum of at least 6 feet in length. A tethered dog must not be able to have access to public property, including sidewalks, or the premises of another. The tether must be securely anchored in a manner that prevents the lead from becoming tangled or shortened.

Removing Excrement

Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs. According to city ordinance, pet owners are required to immediately remove any excrement from a common thoroughfare, street, sidewalk, play area, park, or any other public property or private property. Animal excrement shall be disposed of in a sanitary manner, and it is unlawful to place animal excrement in storm sewers or street gutters.

Furthermore, doggie bags should be disposed of properly, otherwise discarding a bag on public or private property is considered littering.


All dogs, 6 months and older, that live within the city limits are required to be current on their rabies vaccines and to be licensed with Animal Services. Visit Pet Licenses for more information.

Dog Limit

The maximum number of dogs allowed in the City of Aurora is three per household.

More information can be obtained through our city ordinances in Chapter 14.

Any questions regarding the city's stance on animals rules and regulations can be directed to Animal Services.

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