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A Cat's Meow

A Cat's Meow
Posted on 05/04/2021
Meowing CatSome cats can be quite vocal, while others may only do the occasional meow. Housecats will meow to greet someone into their home, voice their frustrations when they want fed, vocalize their demands for attention, or verbally communicate when they want access to an area they cannot enter (just to name a few!). You may not realize that meowing is a learnt behavior with domesticated cats.

Noticing that humans respond to vocal cues, housecats have been able to use that to their advantage. Most cats will even adjust the pitch of their meows to indicate their urgency or different needs. However, an interesting fact is that feral cats do not meow.

What is a feral cat? Feral cats are wild free roaming cats that have spent their lives outdoors and avoid humans. Since feral cats want absolutely nothing to do with people, they have no need to verbally communicate with us. Typically, these type of cats will dart away from people or seek a place to hide.

If an outside cat meows or eagerly approaches you, chances are it is a domesticated pet. If you believe the cat is lost, you can take it to a vet's office to have it scanned for a microchip or bring it to your local shelter or humane society so they can try to locate an owner. Domesticated cats found in Aurora can be taken to the Aurora Animal Shelter.

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