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Large Property Irrigation Rebates





Smart controller

Up to $150 per station

Must be able to adjust run time and days per week based on current weather information. 
*Click below for information on recycling your old controller.

Rain sensors

$15 each wired, $50 each wireless


Soil moisture sensors

$100 each             

Must be able to connect to controller and schedule adjustments.

Gear-driven rotor sprinklers

$12 each

New heads must have check valves.

Pop-up sprinkler bodies

$9 each

New heads must have pressure-regulating stems and check valves. Minimum 4" pop-up height.

High-efficiency nozzles

$6 each


Spray-to-drip conversion

$200 per zone

Indicate number of zones on itemized invoice.

*Recycle your old irrigation controller at any Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply store. Their partner, Nonprofit Blue Star Recycles, responsibly recycles electronics while creating jobs for people with autism and disabilities. Click here for details and instructions.


Beginning in 2024, large property rebates that reach a certain dollar amount will be required to sign an allocation agreement with Aurora Water. This agreement would create a new, permanent water allocation based on the water needs of the property’s landscape type (non-agreement allocations are based on meter size or average water use). These agreements allow Aurora Water to approve larger rebates while holding the property responsible for meeting water efficiency standards or otherwise gradually reimbursing the rebate funds. Please read through Allocation Agreement Rebate Program customer guidance document below to learn more about how the program works. All rebate projects need to be approved prior to installation per program guidelines.

Maximum Total Rebate Amounts

  • The total maximum rebate amount will be approved by Aurora Water Conservation staff according to the agreed-upon project scope.

  • Irrigation components (all of the above except for smart controllers) are eligible for a total maximum rebate of $15,000.

  • Smart controller rebates are paid out in a single payment via check. Rebates are issued up to $150 per station or irrigation zone per controller. Pre-approval for max rebate amounts prior to installation is required.

Irrigation Rebate Rules

  1. Irrigation rebates are intended to incentivize efficiency upgrades to existing irrigation systems. Brand-new systems do not qualify.

  2. Rebates only cover the purchased item’s price; tax and labor are not included.

  3. Applicants are required to submit a W-9 form.

  4. Applicants are required to upload a photo of the installed smart irrigation controller

  5. Applications must be submitted within 90 days of purchase.

  6. Smart controller rebate applicants are required to sign up for Aurora Water’s Large Property Watering Variance program.

  7. Outdoor water assessments are not required to receive irrigation rebates.


  1. Rebates are not guaranteed. Before installation, contact Aurora Water Conservation staff to discuss your project scope and estimate to receive pre-approval.

  2. Once approved, proceed with installation.

  3. Submit an application and necessary paperwork, including photos of the installed smart irrigation controller, a W-9, and an itemized receipt that shows the brand, model, and breakdown of material costs, labor, and taxes. Other items may be required per the rules above.

  4. Upon approval, rebate checks may take up to eight weeks to process.

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