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The chicks are back - virtually!

The chicks are back - virtually!
Posted on 09/15/2020
Image by Anja from PixabayAurora Public Library is proud to partner with 4-H Arapahoe County Colorado State University Extension to host one of our most popular programs again – embryology and the development of baby chicks! 

Join us weekly online to learn about the life cycle of a chicken, embryo development, chicken breeds, incubators, egg parts and functions and even watch chicks hatch live! More details on each week’s program and links to register can be found below.

The 4-H Embryology Program gives students the opportunity to learn about chickens, eggs and embryonic development through observation of the egg hatching process. It provides a great way for youth to observe the development of life in just three weeks. Lessons are designed to build student math, science and language arts skills. This program is for youth of all ages (including adults)! 

Session 1 – Intro to Embryology – Monday, Sept. 14, 4 p.m., Zoom
In this session youth will learn:
- What are embryos?
- What is an incubator?
- How does the incubator compare to a hen on a farm?
- Why don’t eggs from the grocery store hatch?
- Why are eggs different colors?
- What does an embryo need to develop?
- What are the parts and functions of an egg?

At home activity: Dissect an egg. (Participants will need an egg, a plate and a dissection tool – a toothpick, popsicle or craft stick, plastic knife/spoon/fork)

Session 2 – Candling Eggs – Monday, Sept. 21, 4 p.m., Zoom
In this session youth will learn:
- What is going on inside the fertilized eggs?
- How can we see chicks developing? We will actually take a look inside the eggs!
- What are the different breeds of chickens that will hatch?

Session 3 – Brooder Setup and Hatching Process – Monday, Sept. 28, 4 p.m., Zoom
In this session youth will learn:
- What is a brooder and why do we use it?
- How do chicks hatch?
- What’s an egg tooth?
- What are things we do during the hatching process?
- How can we tell if a chick is male or female?
At-home activity: Testing the strength of the egg (Supplies needed: an egg and a Ziploc bag – sandwich or quart sized).

Session 4 – Hatching Livestream
Join us for a livestream on YouTube of our eggs hatching and the brooder! Register to receive the livestream link.

For more information on library programs and events, visit our online calendar. 

This program is being hosted via Zoom video conferencing. To receive the link to log on, please register via and include your email address. The email with the log-in instructions will be sent out approximately one hour before the scheduled meeting start time. The use of Zoom is at your own risk. Aurora Public Library is not liable for damage. If you are under 18, please be sure to have a guardian’s permission to participate in this online program. 

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