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Stage 1 Burn Restrictions Issued in Aurora

Stage 1 Burn Restrictions Issued in Aurora
Posted on 05/26/2020

Aurora, Colo. –  Effective today May 26, 2020. Aurora Fire Rescue (AFR) has instituted a Stage 1 Burn Restriction in Aurora, due to the increasing fire danger associated with the current weather/climate conditions. This burn restriction precludes the sale and use of all fireworks within the city of Aurora.  The goal of these restrictions is  to prevent both structural and wildland interface fires in the community. This approach is not unique, as approximately 30 communities within the State of Colorado have issued some level of fire ban or restrictions. 


The Stage 1 Burn Restriction bans the use of recreational fireworks, devices requiring ignition, such as sparklers, snakes, aerials, comets, flares, flyers, fountains, missiles, mortars, spinners, punks, rockets, shells, etc. The ban does not include other permissible fires. Items like gas grills, charcoal grills, and other legal fire pits remain legal to use in a responsible manner. More information can be found at the AFR Burning Restrictions web page.  


Per City of Aurora ordinance 66-34 (b)(9), “It shall be unlawful to sell, use, possess, or discharge any type of firework, including permissible fireworks, when the city's fire chief bans the sale, use, possession, or discharge of fireworks in the city.” The fireworks ban will be enforced as a city ordinance violation which could result in up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,650 and other fees and costs imposed by the court.  


Fireworks application and license fees will be refunded to vendors who had planned to sell fireworks in Aurora. The ban is subject to continued evaluation and revision and will remain in effect until such time that it is rescinded by the fire chief.  


It is important to note that the News Aurora publication which is being distributed in the June water bill to residents in Aurora has information that states that some fireworks are legal in Aurora. That article was printed prior to the burn ban implementation and should now be disregarded.

May 28 Edit: "" was changed to "the AFR Burning Restrictions web page".

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