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Social Studies

A searchable collection of over 750,000 digitized pages, representing over 199 individual newspaper titles published in Colorado from 1859-1923.

This is a great resource for:
 - This Day In History facts
 - Looking through the advertisements to get an idea of how much everyday items cost
 - Gain a perspective of societal norms throughout Colorado's past
 - Discover what was considered important news throughout the state 

 Offers up-to-date country reports on 204 cultures of the world, including the United States and many more. This database is divided into four categories, World Edition, Kids Edition, States Edition and Provinces Edition. 

World Edition:
 - Geography and Climate of countries around the world
 - Customs and Courtesies
 - Lifestyle (which includes family, housing, arts, diet, holidays, and more)
 - Country Data (including geographical coordinates, area, GDP, life expectancy, education statistics and more)

Kids Edition:
 - Includes much of the information from the World Edition, but presented in a format geared towards Elementary and Middle School

States Edition is an excellent resource for the following topics:
 - The Original 13 Colonies
 - Indigenous Peoples of the United States, and their interactions with Europeans
 - Key moments in each state's history
 - State data, such as: population, government, symbols and historical figures

Provinces Edition:
 - Covers the type of provided in the States Edition, but focused on the Canadian Provinces

Explora: age-based interfaces for finding information on business, current events, health, and math in the EBSCO database. The different search interfaces help students conduct effective searches, and help ensure that the information retrieved is at a reading level the students can understand.


Provides information gathered from the U.S. federal government. Topics include agriculture, education, health, science, public safety and more.

MyHeritage Library Edition is one of the largest most internationally diverse genealogy databases of its kind. This database provides access to billions of historical documents, millions of historical photos, and other resources that span the past 5 centuries.  MyHeritage is most accessible to students in 8th-12th grades.

Presents multiple sides of issues through essays, political magazines, newspapers, radio and TV news transcripts, primary source documents, and reference books. Excellent resource for persuasive writing, opinion pieces and debate teams.

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