Paint & Household Chemicals

There are a number of programs and resources to help residents recycle or dispose of household hazardous waste. If these chemicals are not properly disposed of, they can harm sanitation workers, create problems in sewage treatment plants and landfills, or pollute the water or air. Help do your part and take advantage of the opportunities available in and for Aurora residents. 

Household Chemical Roundups

  • Aurora's 2020 event has been canceled out of ongoing concerns with COVID-19. 
  • Tri-County Health Department organizes household chemical roundups for Arapahoe, Adams and Douglas Counties.
Door-to-Door Program
  • Aurora Water’s Door-to-Door Household Hazardous Waste program provides an easy solution for residents to safely and properly get rid of these chemicals, rather than throwing them in the trash where they may leach into our water system. 
  • Items accepted antifreeze, automotive and rechargeable batteries, bathroom cleaners, electronics, lawn care products, motor oil, old gasoline, pesticides, propane cylinders and more are acceptable for disposal.
  • The service fee is $10 until March 1, 2021.   
  • Once a resident has called to schedule a pickup, they will be sent a large plastic bag with a list of materials accepted, instructions on how to safely pack the bag, and where to place the bag for pickup. The chemicals will then either be recycled or disposed of properly. 
  •  Appointments for the door-to-door program are filling up fast. For more information, call 303.249.0086 or email
  • For more information, visit HHWDISPOSAL.COM/COLORADO

PaintCare Program

  • Through the FREE PaintCare program, unused paint can be returned to many of the locations where it was purchased. For a complete list of locations and items accepted, visit PaintCareThere are limitations on how much paint you can drop off at each visit, and not all retail stores accept paint for recycling. Contact the store directly to confirm business hours and their ability to accept what you would like to recycle.
  • If it is a small amount of paint, take off the lid and let it dry. Once dry, toss it in your trash can.
  • For larger amounts, mix in kitty litter or paint hardener, which is available at most paint stores. To dry it even faster, spread the mixture onto a piece of plastic. Once dry, it can be thrown way.

 Other Household Chemicals
  • Businesses throughout the city also offer recycling options for certain items which may offer a quicker and more cost-effective solution, depending on your specific waste. Call ahead to confirm that the location nearest you is currently accepting these materials for recycling. 
  • Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) contain a small amount of mercury and should never be thrown in the trash. Stores such as Ace Hardware, Batteries + Bulbs, Home Depot, IKEA and Lowe's all accept CFLs. Wrap each bulb in a plastic bag to prevent mercury from leaking if it breaks. Do not pack multiple CFLs in the same bag as this will increase the chance of them breaking. Broken CFLs cannot be recycled. For instructions on disposing of a broken bulb, visit Earth911.
  • Gasoline can be recycled through the Door-to-Door program listed above. 
  • Motor oil and lead acid car batteries can be recycled for free at Auto Zone, Advance Auto and O’Reilly auto parts store. 
  • Prescription Drug Disposal CDPHE has a database of medication take-back locations around the state. You can view the map here.
  • Single use batteries -- visit Earth911 for information. 
  • Small electronics can be recycled for low or no cost at Best Buy locations.
  • Tires can be recycled for a small fee per tire at Walmart Auto Care Centers or Big O Tires.

If your item isn't listed here, visit Earth911

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