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Landlord Resources

This Landlord Guide summarizes the rights and obligations of residential landlords in Aurora, Colorado. This guide does not constitute legal advice, and the information in this Guide can change at any time. As result, this guide does not represent an analysis of tenancy law.

All references to city code, including Building and Zone Code and Code of Ordinances, can be found online at aurora.municipal.code.

This resource is also available as a PDF.

Landlord Rights & Obligations

  • Maintain the property.
  • Make and/or pay for necessary repairs.
  • Provide notifications in writing when the property is being transferred to a new owner, or when other changes are made that potentially affect the tenant.
  • Ensure the premises remain safe and deal with other tenants who are causing a problem or who are violating the terms and conditions of their lease.
  • Provide 21 days’ notice of rent increase and Notice to Quit where tenant holds a short-term lease (Colorado Revised Statutes).
  • Provide tenants, regardless of immigration status, with the same rental processes and protections throughout the entire tenancy.
  • Do not engage in criminal acts.
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